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The Impact of Retail Media

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March 9, 20222 minute read Amazon’s ascent to $31 billion in advertising revenue has driven every retailer to launch a media network. It’s difficult to overstate the impact this will have on consumer brands.Organizations are transformed:Artificially constructed silos that pigeonhole teams into activating on only certain channels (e.g. social media or retail media) will be replaced with […]

Digital Penetration is Not a Vision

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February 23, 20225 minute readConsumer Brands Need a More Robust Digital NarrativeConsumer brands are starting to disclose more digital metrics in response to growing interest from shareholders that want to understand their digital strategies and performance. Most commonly, these consumer brands share their current digital penetration – digital sales divided by total sales – and how […]

Take the Amazon Algorithm for Lunch

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3 minute read You can’t take an algorithm to lunch. Those that have attended enough Amazon-oriented conferences know the adage. Unlike working with a traditional retailer such as Walmart, Kroger, Home Depot, and so on, Amazon is, to put it mildly…different. 

CPG Boards are Missing Technology Experience

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5 minute read Publically-traded CPG companies have begun sharing more metrics about their digital businesses over the last year, providing insight into digital penetration rates and high-level growth strategies. Examples include:Nestle held a specific investor seminar in 4Q21 on digital transformation, putting a stake in the ground on reaching 25% digital penetration by 2025 (vs. 12.8% today […]

Amazon Ads on Cyber 5, TikTokaCart, Tail Wagging the Dog [unlocked]

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Topics Covered: Amazon highlights: ad spend, aggregators into B&M, restock limits, hybrid Quantitative analysis: social’s impact on Amazon and Instacart Stratably’s work: Instant Grocery + Brand Marketing is Performance Marketing McKinsey argues for digital teams to lead the business Recapping digital initiatives at Costco Forecasting digital ad spend Recapping Chewy’s digital performance Instacart executive turmoil […]

3Q21 Omni Performance, WFH Debate, Retail Media Outlook, JWO Tech Expanding

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Topics Covered: Omnichannel bucking the 3Q digital deceleration trend Can VPs of eCommerce expect to WFH when they join a new company? Retail media forecasted to reach $31 billion Amazon expanding JWO tech with Starbucks Facebook building more social commerce features Instacart delaying plans to go public as growth slows New marketplaces from Macy’s and […]

HIRI Presentation: Emerging Channels and the Capabilities Needed to Thrive

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I recently got the chance to speak at the Home Improvement Research Institute’s annual retail event. My talk focused on emerging channels that are going to become more relevant to the home improvement category over the next few years, and the capabilities organizations need in order to take advantage of them. Watch the video presentation […]