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Walmart Battles Inflation, High Inventory & Stalled Digital Growth in Latest Quarter

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6 minute readSummary: Walmart April ’22-Quarter ResultsWalmart reported its April-ending quarterly results this AM, disappointing investors who sent shares down 10%+, wiping out $40 billion in value. Listen to conference call here.Why were the results disappointing?Walmart profitability struggled during the quarter due to temporary issues like overstaffing and a fire that destroyed a large eCommerce […]

Surviving the eCommerce Winter

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5 minute readBundle UpIt’s a busy week ahead with Walmart, Target, Home Depot and Lowe’s all reporting, along with quarterly eCommerce data coming from the Census Bureau. The results will help complete what has become a bleak picture for near term digital performance as eCommerce has entered a “winter” period. 

Analyzing Shopify’s March ’22 Results

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7 minute readExpectations ResetDespite the May weather, we’re entering a bit of an eCommerce winter, supported by Shopify’s results last week in which its GMV grew 16% (vs. 32% in the prior quarter and 114% in the March-2021 quarter). Shopify, acknowledging the slowdown in eCommerce spending (tough comps, increasing consumer mobility), focused much of its commentary […]

CPG Inflation + Amazon 1Q + Supply Chain Partners

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Topics Covered: May 2, 2022Inflation is top of mind for CPGThree big eCommerce trendsAmazon’s 1Q22 Earnings AnalysisAmerican Eagle as a supply chain partnerFood Rocket raises new round for instant groceryThe lack of MFC adoption to-dateExplainer on retail media networks

Inflation is Top of Mind for CPG

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7 minute readAnalyzing Recent CPG Management CommentaryIt was a busy week across the board, with tech, digital advertising, and pertinent to this article, CPG companies reporting results. I reviewed the earnings results for eight CPG companies that collectively did $300 billion in sales last year to understand:What are CPG firms most focused on near-term?What type of […]

Amazon 1Q22 Results Recap

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3 minute readSummary: Amazon 1Q22 ResultsAmazon’s retail business continued its deceleration as the company lapped the end of the pandemic and stimulus payments from a year ago. Its fulfillment capacity is now back to pre-pandemic performance levels, helping support 60%+ GMV growth on a two-year stack basis.North America (+8% Y/Y) performed better than International (down […]

Amazon vs Shopify; Ads all the Way Down

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Topics Covered: April 25, 2022“Buy with Prime” vs. Deliverr3-Step framework for retail media growthAds all the way down: Netflix, Microsoft, SonyP&G on inflationOmnicom on privacyMore stats on drone delivery