Create must-see insights that consumer
brand professionals read, share, discuss, and apply.

Who is Stratably?

Russ Dieringer, a well-respected digital commerce analyst, founded Stratably to help consumer brand professionals understand how the digital commerce market is changing, provide them conviction on their strategies, spark new ideas, and help them educate their organization.


It offers a subscription model at the individual or enterprise level, with flexible options depending on the organization’s needs and budget.

What does Stratably do?

Stratably is an extension of your team, scouring the market for new developments, conducting relevant research, and packaging it in an easy to digest way that challenges conventional thinking and is easy to share internally.


It builds conviction, arms the eCommerce team with objective outside data, and provides innovative perspectives to consider.

Who subscribes to Stratably?

Stratably is designed for the VP of eCommerce and her teammates, along with omnichannel leads on accounts like Walmart and Target.


Senior leadership teams also engage with the content as they too need to understand how the digital market is changing.

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Elevate Your Company's Digital IQ

The main challenge with eCommerce is that 95% of your organization knows very little about how it works and where it's headed. Stratably makes educating them easy, with consistent research that is concise and provides a clear picture of what good looks like and what's coming in the market


Create must-see insights that consumer brand professionals read, share, discuss, and apply.


Digital commerce is growing 10x the rate of brick and mortar, yet 95% of the organization knows very little about how it works and where it’s headed.


Stratably fixes this pain point with a subscription service that delivers impactful, practical and easy to digest research to smart enterprises and ambitious individuals on a weekly basis. The ideas spread like wildfire throughout the organization, helping spark new ideas and the conviction needed to pursue them.

Founder & CEO of Stratably


As algorithms eat the world, Russ recognized this as a truly disruptive moment, creating a unique set of conditions in which the future of today’s consumer brands depends on how well they adopt to a new digital reality.


He founded Stratably to make this a defining moment for digital commerce professionals that must lead their organizations through this change.


By creating proprietary research, data, and thought leadership, Russ is focused on driving conviction and igniting new possibilities inside companies that want to thrive for the next 100 years.


Passionate about studying the market, understanding how the retail value chain is re-orienting itself, and inspired by those leading eCommerce initiatives, you’ll often find Russ enthusiastically discussing how lucky we are to be working in the digital commerce industry.

Russ' Philosophy

Russ’ philosophical cornerstones include empathy, teamwork, intellectual curiosity and originality, openness to new ideas, and willingness to fail:



The whole premise of Stratably is built off empathy for individuals trying to create tremendous careers for themselves and their families.


This is challenging in the world of eCommerce, as this area was historically (and in many cases still is) under-resourced. Russ aims to make these leaders more impactful by helping educate them and their colleagues in an easy and enjoyable way.



Organizations are filled with different teams trying to meet often different KPIs.


But to reach digital excellence, the entire organization needs to participate, which requires a common-level of understanding.

Intellectual curiosity and originality


Combining ideas from different fields leads to unique insights.


That’s why you’ll find Russ reading a variety of works across disciplines as he seeks to develop a novel perspective despite a deluge of content being available.

Openness to new ideas


Small markets develop into bigger markets. What looks like a toy at first becomes the disruptive force.


Russ looks to highlight these new beginnings to spark ideas, get his readers to wake up to the possibility of change, rather than have a head in the sand “this doesn’t matter to us” mentality.

Willingness to fail


In a dynamic market, companies and individuals must be truly willing to take risks, betting early on emerging growth opportunities.


If you’re not being bold in your actions, then you’re also not going to see any real return. Russ lives this mentality personally and he brings this with him to his recommendations on the eCommerce market.

Brevity as a feature

You’re sick of "Death by PowerPoint", which confuses length for impact. Russ aims to write reports that are never longer than they need to be, focusing instead on briefings that are easily digestible. This approach allows knowledge to compound at the organizational level, aligning with the maxim that consistent education is the most practical way to elevate an organization’s digital IQ.