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Key Takeaways from CAGNY 2023

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February 27, 2023 The annual CAGNY conference took place last week in Florida providing participating leadership teams across the largest CPG companies the opportunity to talk about their corporate strategy, changes underway in their organizations, and long-term growth and profitability goals. We reviewed the presentations and commentary to uncover common themes across organizations. Read on for our key […]

CAGNY Themes + Updates on Walmart, Target, & Home Depot

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Topics Covered: February 27, 2023CPG digital themes from CAGNYWalmart 4Q analysisTarget invests $100mm in sort centersHome Depot predicts flat consumer demand in ‘23A new retail media option for CPGFTC won’t challenge Amazon’s x One MedicalDigital Takes Center Stage at CAGNY 2023The annual CAGNY conference took place last week in Florida providing participating leadership teams across […]

Retail Media is Not a Math Problem

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February 20, 2023 Brands think retail media is simply a math problem. Something that can be solved and optimized with the right metric or software or agency. After all, it’s performance marketing. It’s measurable. It’s closed loop. It’s calculable. But people aren’t math problems.Retail media creates people problems. It blurs roles and responsibilities, creating fear, uncertainty and an underlying fight […]

Brands shifting Amazon ad spend + clean rooms and retail media team re-orgs

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Topics Covered: January 30, 2023Benchmark results on Amazon ad shiftsTeams restructuring for retail mediaAd slowdown debateClean room adoptionJust Walk Out(performance)Getir expandingHow are brands shifting between Amazon ad types in ’23?We’ve recently published Amazon’s fast growth outlook compared to retail peers, it maintaining its dominance amongst retail media competitors, and the fact that a third of […]

Testing eCommerce Knowledge with ChatGPT

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December 12, 20223 minute read There’s been an explosion in interest around Generative AI with the release of ChatGPT. Headlines are stating it will replace Google Search, while others are quick to point out ChatGPT’s inaccuracies. In my experiments, the outputs are generally right, but not perfect. That inspired a challenge for today. How well do you know what factors […]

Retail Media Doesn’t Fit Neatly into Trade Spend

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December 5, 20223 minute read Retail media has a branding problem. It should drop “retail” from the name, leaving just media. This would help marketers evaluate the opportunity from a neutral starting place, rather than the common approach of coming at it from a retail-first position.Many CPG brands classify ANY retail media spend as trade spend.  According to […]

Are eCommerce Sales Incremental?

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December 1, 202212 minute read Is it incremental?That’s a challenging question many digital leaders have been asked when they look to expand or invest larger amounts into certain channels.If you expand from 7-Eleven to Gopuff, is the Gopuff sale incremental?Is expanding to Walmart stores incremental if you only do DTC today?What about launching products on Walmart’s […]