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Key Takeaways from Amazon Accelerate Conference

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September 21, 20225 minute read At its Accelerate conference last week, Amazon signaled that it will not restrict itself to a transactional, inward-looking marketplace. Rather, it’s investing behind initiatives to help build brands and solve logistics challenges on and off Amazon. A quote that sums up its vision from one of its many press releases last week (emphasis […]

Amazon’s 2Q22 Results Counter “Return to Store” Narrative

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3 minute read If there ever was a time to reset expectations amidst a tough (digital) retail environment, it was now. But to the contrary, Amazon delivered decent results and sounded an upbeat outlook. Maybe it’s a sign of just how far expectations have declined that GMV growth of 5% Y/Y feels positive, but Amazon’s not seeing an […]

Prime Day Grew 9%…is that Good?

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July 18, 20225 minute readTL;DR: Prime Day……grew a touch faster than the trajectory Amazon has been on lately.…grew slightly faster than inflation rates in like-for-like categories.…helped Amazon temporarily get back to market-level growth trends.…illustrated consumers are receptive to deal events in this inflationary environment. …in the Fall should kick off our holiday promotional plans.Analyzing Prime […]

Amazon’s Business is Evolving (The Grubhub Deal Illustrates How)

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July 11, 202212 minute readAmazon’s deal with Grubhub is so much more than simply adding another Prime benefit. If you look closely enough, it’s a way to understand the future as Amazon sees it. Buy with Prime, Amazon Pay, AMC, Advertising, Quick Commerce, and more all relate to this deal. Read on for an incomplete, albeit sufficient […]

Amazon Marketing Cloud (everything I’ve learned so far…)

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10-minute read TL;DR: AMC is a marketer’s secret weapon, helping them understand the roll Amazon can play from a customer acquisition and media channel perspective. It is under-adopted because it’s a complex analytical tool, that has been poorly marketed, and its name means people categorize it as relevant only for the Amazon business. However, early adopters […]

Stratably Interviews Patrick Miller on Amazon Advertising

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February 16, 20222 minute readLet’s Talk Amazon AdvertisingStratably Discussions is the forum for powerful interviews of digital commerce practioners, visionaries and experts across a range of eCommerce topics.   In this first interview of the series, Patrick Miller, Co-President of Digital Commerce at Ascential, shares his thoughts on the current state of Amazon advertising, key initiatives for […]