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One-Third of Brands Aren’t Using a Full Funnel Approach with Amazon Advertising

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January 18, 20232 minute read All of us know Amazon is a great site to convert shoppers that are in-market searching for goods. This is the power of paid search on Amazon. However, we also know consumers use Amazon at different points in their shopping journey, and Amazon’s ad options stretch across the funnel.Large advertisers are already spending […]

Responding to Pushback on Amazon Analytical Tools

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December 15, 20223 minute read Leaders that have been reading Stratably for the last 12 months know that Amazon Marketing Cloud, Attribution, and Stream rank highly as tools that are under-adopted. (Read more here/here/here/here/here) In short, these tools combine to form a much deeper understanding of the value of advertising, which in turn drives strategic and tactical […]

Benchmark Research on Amazon Marketing Cloud – Part 2

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November 29, 20222 minute read In part two of Stratably’s Amazon analytical tool benchmark, we explore Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC). As a reminder, AMC is “a secure, privacy-safe, and cloud-based clean room solution, in which advertisers can easily perform analytics across pseudonymized signals, including Amazon Ads signals as well as their own inputs.” Put most simply, AMC provides […]

Interview: Andrew Hamada of Reason Automation on Amazon Data

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October 24, 20227 minute read If the last three years have been all about the rise of retail media, the next three are going to be about measurement. Amazon, in particular, is advancing data and analytics tools for consumer brands at a rapid pace, driving us closer to real time business management, a key theme in Stratably’s […]

Feedback on Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale

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October 17, 20225 minute readAmazon Prime Early Access Sale (PEAS) doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. But it did kick off the holiday season inspiring rivals like Walmart and Target to launch holiday promotions as well. Top of mind for digital leaders is how the event performed and what it means for the remainder of the holiday […]