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Amazon 1Q22 Results Recap

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3 minute readSummary: Amazon 1Q22 ResultsAmazon’s retail business continued its deceleration as the company lapped the end of the pandemic and stimulus payments from a year ago. Its fulfillment capacity is now back to pre-pandemic performance levels, helping support 60%+ GMV growth on a two-year stack basis.North America (+8% Y/Y) performed better than International (down […]

“Buy with Prime” vs. Shopify & Deliverr

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Understanding how “Buy with Prime” and Shopify’s Interest in Deliverr are LinkedThere were two, very related developments that happened last week:Amazon launched “Buy with Prime”: In summary, a DTC site can place a widget on their checkout that allows the consumer to use their Amazon credentials to check out and then the brand uses Amazon […]

Amazon Marketing Cloud (everything I’ve learned so far…)

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10-minute read TL;DR: AMC is a marketer’s secret weapon, helping them understand the roll Amazon can play from a customer acquisition and media channel perspective. It is under-adopted because it’s a complex analytical tool, that has been poorly marketed, and its name means people categorize it as relevant only for the Amazon business. However, early adopters […]

Stratably Interviews Patrick Miller on Amazon Advertising

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February 16, 20222 minute readLet’s Talk Amazon AdvertisingStratably Discussions is the forum for powerful interviews of digital commerce practioners, visionaries and experts across a range of eCommerce topics.   In this first interview of the series, Patrick Miller, Co-President of Digital Commerce at Ascential, shares his thoughts on the current state of Amazon advertising, key initiatives for […]

1Q22 Amazon Research Summary

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February 15, 20224 minute readA Collection of Research & ArticlesAmazon is the central driving force behind digital commerce, growing its gross merchandise value 23% Y/Y in 2021, amounting to $124 billion in incremental GMV during the year, while also enabling $31 billion in advertising spend. The account is massive, dynamic, and challenging to manage.  This post aims […]

Amazon Stores Don’t Matter

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4 minute readAmazon acquired Whole Foods for $13.4 billion in June 2017, ushering in a new sense of urgency at its omnichannel rivals that worried Amazon would be the one to create a true omnichannel experience. This has never come to be realized though, at least not in terms of Amazon delivering a game changing digital/physical […]

Amazon Breakdown (Part 5): 4Q21 Results

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3 minute readTech has been a bloodbath of late and Amazon continued the trend, reporting weaker than expected results and a mediocre growth outlook.However, the company pulled out the slowing-growth playbook and announced it will be raising the price of Prime Membership 17%, to $139 per year (currently $119/year).The combination of this price increase, along […]

Amazon Breakdown (Part 1): Online Stores

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2 minute readAs Amazon prepares to report quarterly results this Thursday, we’re breaking down its retail business segments in a multi-part series this week. First up, Amazon’s Online Stores business segment, which primarily encompasses its 1P business.