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Amazon Research

Benchmark Research on Amazon Marketing Cloud – Part 2

November 29, 20222 minute read In part two of Stratably’s Amazon analytical tool benchmark, we explore Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC). As a reminder, AMC is “a secure, privacy-safe, and cloud-based clean room solution, in which advertisers can easily perform analytics across pseudonymized signals, including Amazon Ads signals as well as their own inputs.” Put most simply, AMC provides […]

Interview: Andrew Hamada of Reason Automation on Amazon Data

October 24, 20227 minute read If the last three years have been all about the rise of retail media, the next three are going to be about measurement. Amazon, in particular, is advancing data and analytics tools for consumer brands at a rapid pace, driving us closer to real time business management, a key theme in Stratably’s […]

Feedback on Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale

October 17, 20225 minute readAmazon Prime Early Access Sale (PEAS) doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. But it did kick off the holiday season inspiring rivals like Walmart and Target to launch holiday promotions as well. Top of mind for digital leaders is how the event performed and what it means for the remainder of the holiday […]

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Omnichannel Research

The Omni-Enabler Calculus (Part 3)

November 11, 20222 minute read Should there be urgency for consumer brands when it comes to winning on omni-enablers? Moving early means moving before something’s obvious. Once it’s obvious, your competitors will be there and you’re simply moving along with the market.The omni-enabler market and all the macroeconomic dynamics wrapped up in it makes for a non-obvious […]

The Omni-Enabler Calculus (Part 2)

November 9, 20224 minute read Brands express three common reasons why they’re hesitant to invest more into omni-enablers.Expectation 1: eCommerce growth was temporary This critique is born out of confusion from early in the pandemic when analysts observed eCommerce penetration jumped four years ahead. Flash forward to 2Q21-1Q22 and eCommerce growth rates decelerated rapidly, and digital penetration stagnated. But […]

The Omni-Enabler Calculus (Part 1)

November 7, 20222 minute read There’s a great deal of pessimism in the eGrocery industry. Investors went from risk-on to risk-off, challenging not just the growth potential but the survival of many firms that just a year or two earlier were darlings of the industry. Quick commerce firms shut down, IPOs were delayed, international markets were closed. But just […]

What do we mean by “eCommerce”?

August 31, 20223 minute readRetail professionals like us talk about eCommerce as if it’s one homogenous thing. eCommerce is what’s sold online. It’s what the Census Bureau reports. It’s what Amazon dominates. It’s a growing segment of Walmart and Target’s business. It’s how new brands go to market. eCommerce is a singular concept because the term is […]

Retail Media Research

Analyzing What Brands Expect from their Retail Media Managers

September 7, 20227 minute read A few years ago, Amazon Advertising was essentially the only platform a brand had to focus on when it came to retail media. But the pandemic helped push digital innovation at every omnichannel retailer, including the launch and development of retail media offerings. Importantly, these retailers expect their big brand partners to […]

An Alternative Way to Measure Retail Media ROI

2 minute readWalmart Connect, like its omnichannel peers’ retail media businesses, consists of 1P and 3P brands spending to get placement on featured products, brand amplifiers, and display banners around the site. Walmart has recently started communicating that its programmatic offering powered by The Trade Desk (TTD) is available to all brands that use TTD (after […]

8 Reasons Why Your Shopper Marketing Team Might be Stressed

We have a big problem: CPG brands have underinvested in shopper marketing teams. These teams are charged with understanding the consumer and getting them to convert. Available options were previously constrained within the four physical walls of a retailer - endcaps, coupons, signage, discounts, and so on were the tools of the trade for influencing market […]

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