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Amazon Research

Takeaways from our Live Session on Amazon Competitive Analyses

September 27, 2023   Stratably hosted Kelsey Scarzello from Momentum Commerce to share why competitive analysis is important on Amazon and how it differs from what brands might be accustomed to in-store. Key topics: The importance of competitive analyses on Amazon Unique aspects inherent to Amazon Where to focus Case studies   Watch The Recording […]

3 Opportunities to Build a Competitive Edge with your PDP Content

September 25, 2023   We all know the importance of top-notch PDP content in driving search ranking and conversion, which is why it falls in the upper right of our competitive edge matrix – high impact for the business, and highly adopted by eCommerce practitioners.   Generally speaking, this means optimizing your PDPs is a […]

Takeaways from our Live Session on Measuring Elasticity of Demand on Amazon

August 3, 2023   Stratably hosted Ryan Walker from Momentum Commerce to share examples of how pricing tests on Amazon can be used strategically to fuel profitable growth, including shifting the demand curve of a product. Key topics included: Defining demand elasticity How to approach challenges to measuring it Best seller badge conquesting via pricing […]

“Stratably is a must read for anyone in the consumer brands digital commerce space. It has a unique POV that combines the best of financial research with practical observations and insights on industry innovation.”

Patrick MillerCo-President, Ascential

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Stratably makes educating your organization easy, with consistent research that is concise and provides a clear picture of what good looks like in digital commerce and what’s coming in the market.

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Understanding Amazon Aggregators

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Omnichannel Research

Analyzing Costco’s digital business during its Aug-23 quarter

September 28, 2023   We’re breaking down Costco’s digital performance this past quarter following the release of its results.   As we’ve written before, Costco, along with Amazon, is an exception to the Omnichannel Rule. But its digital business is on a sizable $23 billion annual run rate, and eCommerce remains a meaningful growth driver […]

Takeaways from our Live Session on Developing a Streamlined PDP Process

September 20, 2023   Stratably hosted Lauren Livak from The Digital Shelf Institute to share how brands can develop an effective PDP process that engages all aspects of the organization. Key topics: The importance of change management Linking PDP team structure to maturity Educating the broader organization Enable Commercial & IT teamwork   Watch The […]

Instacart’s S-1, broken down for brands

September 18, 2023   Instacart’s plan to go public means there is a great deal of valuable new information available on its size, performance, and strategy that was previously unavailable.   Unfortunately, this information is sprinkled throughout a 399-page S-1 document filed with the SEC!   To spare you from having to wade through that […]

Retail Media Research

Putting Instacart’s advertising business into broader context

September 19, 2023   In Part 1, we compared Instacart’s growth to its eTail peers, and today we’ll be doing the same exercise for its advertising business.   Key takeaways: Advertising has grown from 20% of its business in 2020 to 29% currently Relatively small digital ad player at $740mm, but has grown faster (+24%) […]

How Brands "Do" Retail Media

    September 5, 2023   We know retail media is a critical component for brands looking to efficiently acquire customers and win on the digital shelf.   You've seen our work outlining the growth in retail media, best ad formats, and even how brands measure performance.   But have you ever wondered how successful […]

How Amazon Ads stacks up in 2Q23, 2023, and 2024

August 9, 2023   In follow-up to our analysis of the digital advertising market last week, we’re looking at Amazon’s performance relative to its digital advertising peers.   This provides a quantitative understanding of macro-level flows in the digital advertising market and how Amazon’s growth compares to alternative platforms consumer brands have at their disposal. […]

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