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Amazon Research

Amazon 1Q22 Results Recap

3 minute readSummary: Amazon 1Q22 ResultsAmazon’s retail business continued its deceleration as the company lapped the end of the pandemic and stimulus payments from a year ago. Its fulfillment capacity is now back to pre-pandemic performance levels, helping support 60%+ GMV growth on a two-year stack basis.North America (+8% Y/Y) performed better than International (down […]

“Buy with Prime” vs. Shopify & Deliverr

Understanding how "Buy with Prime" and Shopify's Interest in Deliverr are LinkedThere were two, very related developments that happened last week:Amazon launched “Buy with Prime”: In summary, a DTC site can place a widget on their checkout that allows the consumer to use their Amazon credentials to check out and then the brand uses Amazon […]

Amazon Marketing Cloud (everything I’ve learned so far…)

10-minute read TL;DR: AMC is a marketer’s secret weapon, helping them understand the roll Amazon can play from a customer acquisition and media channel perspective. It is under-adopted because it’s a complex analytical tool, that has been poorly marketed, and its name means people categorize it as relevant only for the Amazon business. However, early adopters […]

Stratably Interviews Patrick Miller on Amazon Advertising

February 16, 20222 minute readLet's Talk Amazon AdvertisingStratably Discussions is the forum for powerful interviews of digital commerce practioners, visionaries and experts across a range of eCommerce topics.   In this first interview of the series, Patrick Miller, Co-President of Digital Commerce at Ascential, shares his thoughts on the current state of Amazon advertising, key initiatives for […]

Elevating Your Organization's Digital IQ

Stratably makes educating your organization easy, with consistent research that is concise and provides a clear picture of what good looks like in digital commerce and what’s coming in the market.

The Rise of Rapid Grocery Delivery

Millennials' Path to Purchase for Gifts

Understanding Amazon Aggregators

Emerging Channels & the Capabilities Needed to Thrive

Omnichannel Research

Checking the Consumer Pulse

9 minute readConsumer Demand ChangingLast week I wrote about surviving the eCommerce Winter, otherwise known as this time we’re in where digital growth has stalled and growth investors have shunned anything remotely positioning itself as “we’ll-make-money-once-at-scale”. Instead of “winter”, this past week could have been described as a retail bloodbath.

Target Q-Results Breakdown: Gen Merch Struggling as Consumer Volatility Persists

6 minute readSummary: Target April '22-Quarter ResultsTarget saw positive comps but was disappointed by its profitably as a variety of macro factors – fuel, supply chain, wages, etc. – negatively impacted its results.   In addition, Target is in the process of significant markdowns in discretionary categories as the company has seen consumer demand shift rapidly, […]

Walmart Battles Inflation, High Inventory & Stalled Digital Growth in Latest Quarter

6 minute readSummary: Walmart April '22-Quarter ResultsWalmart reported its April-ending quarterly results this AM, disappointing investors who sent shares down 10%+, wiping out $40 billion in value. Listen to conference call here.Why were the results disappointing?Walmart profitability struggled during the quarter due to temporary issues like overstaffing and a fire that destroyed a large eCommerce […]

Digital Penetration is Not a Vision

February 23, 20225 minute readConsumer Brands Need a More Robust Digital NarrativeConsumer brands are starting to disclose more digital metrics in response to growing interest from shareholders that want to understand their digital strategies and performance. Most commonly, these consumer brands share their current digital penetration – digital sales divided by total sales - and how […]

Retail Media Research

Interview with Kiri Masters on a New Model for Allocating Retail Media Budgets

June 2, 20223 minute readAllocating Retail Media Budgets There has been an explosion in the number of retail media networks that brands can, or in some cases must, advertise on. While excellence on Amazon Advertising was sufficient in the past, brands now need to be proficient on Walmart Connect, Target Roundel, Kroger Precision Media, Lowe’s One Roof […]

8 Reasons Why Your Shopper Marketing Team Might be Stressed

We have a big problem: CPG brands have underinvested in shopper marketing teams. These teams are charged with understanding the consumer and getting them to convert. Available options were previously constrained within the four physical walls of a retailer - endcaps, coupons, signage, discounts, and so on were the tools of the trade for influencing market […]

Stratably Interviews Todd Hassenfelt, eCommerce Director at Colgate-Palmolive

March 22, 20223 minute readHow CPG Organizations are Evolving with Digital In the latest Stratably Discussions session, I talk with Todd Hassenfelt, eCommerce Director, Growth Strategy and Planning at Colgate-Palmolive. Todd and I discuss how digital mediums have fundamentally altered the consumer’s path to purchase, upending how consumer brands have traditionally organized and how they evaluate marketing […]

Advertising is the New Algorithm

March 16, 20222 minute read Organic results are dying a slow death on Amazon. And if it's happening on Amazon, you can bet it will happen at each of its rivals that have launched a retail media network.Ads are typically characterized as misleading and annoying.Of course the user doesn’t want TikTok to just show them branded hashtag […]

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