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There is no substitute: Russ Dieringer's analysis is very thorough and extremely insightful. Highly recommended.
Stratably provides great insight about the eCommerce world in a consolidated format. With the growth in eCommerce and the rapid changes, Stratably keeps me informed on a broad spectrum of topics that I need to better manage the business.
I love Stratably! Russ is a trusted expert and he breaks down topics into digestible and actionable ways to drive strategy and focus. Amazon, eCommerce and the digital space is moving quicker than ever and Russ's topics are always front of mind and helpful to stay on top of trends and look to the future.
Stratably is a must read for anyone in the consumer brands digital commerce space. It has a unique POV that combines the best of financial research with practical observations and insights on industry innovation.
Stratably is a core resource for our Digital Commerce team at Ghirardelli. We love the insights that Russ provides around Amazon, retail media and economic conditions as it relates to digital. Stratably helps me be a more informed leader and gives our team the best tools to influence our organization internally.
Stratably provides direct, unbiased, and timely insight that sparks my week.
My essential source for eCommerce & retail media trends. Stratably cuts through the deluge of news in this space, actually connecting the dots for brands and advertisers. I love the ability to search past analysis when I'm looking to do a deep-dive on a topic.
Russ consistently brings the most thought out and well researched insights in the industry. He tells you what you need to know and how it will affect your various verticals.

Amazon Research

Amazon Pulse Benchmark: July 2024

July 10, 2024 4 minute read Midway through the year, our longstanding Amazon pulse benchmark checks in with the industry to understand real-time sales and advertising performance on Amazon as well as promotional dynamics and inventory levels. In this edition, we place a particular focus on how digital leaders should be thinking about the ultra-competitive […]

Are You Ahead or Behind on GenAI, Posts, Transparency?

July 8, 2024 2 minute read Navigating Amazon’s competitive landscape requires knowing which strategies will drive the most profitable growth for your brand. Our latest benchmarking analysis and competitive edge diagram reveal the high impact yet underutilized tactics, while debunking common practices that may not yield significant results. In this article, we dive into the […]

Deep Dive: 2024 Amazon AVN Wrap-Up

June 27, 2024 2 minute read Log in to download the full report linked at the bottom. With 2024 AVNs closed out for most brands, Stratably and Consulterce teamed up on a benchmark study to understand how the negotiations ended up, the impact to trade terms and profitability, and brands’ key focus areas going forward. […]

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Omnichannel Research

eCatman Framework and Strategy

July 17, 2024 Category Management (Catman) has traditionally focused on in-store strategies, but the rise of eCommerce necessitates the addition of eCategory Management (eCatman). Our webinar, presented in collaboration with Lauren Livak, Executive Director of the Digital Shelf Institute, unpacked the transformative power of eCategory Management (eCatman). As eCommerce continues to rise in prominence, understanding […]

Tactical Insights on Content Issues, 3P Marketplace, and Site Merchandising

June 13, 2024 5 minute read All digital leaders face the same challenge: so much to do, so little time (and budget, and resources)! With so many variables to manage – inventory, pricing, content, advertising, brand control, variations, brand stores, you name it! – one of the most important facets of the job is deciding […]

Key Takeaways from Walmart’s 1Q24 Results

May 16, 2024 Walmart reported another quarter of impressive results this morning, with sales and profitability outperforming expectations across all business units. According to CEO Doug McMillon, the shining stars of the quarter were: The eCommerce business Inventory management Rollbacks eCommerce continues to play a critical role to Walmart’s success, contributing 67% of the incremental […]

Retail Media Research

Latest Intel on Walmart’s Sponsored Search Offerings

June 10, 2024 3 minute read We shared benchmarking earlier this year suggesting paid search (and specifically, Sponsored Products) accounts for the majority of brands’ retail media spend. For instance, the growth in Amazon’s advertising business is driven primarily by Sponsored Products, despite it being the most mature ad type. Newer developments like Streaming TV […]

Brands Can’t Optimize Retail Media Budgets Fast Enough

June 6, 2024 3 minute read It’s easy to put more money into retail media. Brands are doing it hand over fist. As a percentage of their sales, our benchmarking suggests: 74% of brands are increasing their retail media budgets this year1 Amazon budgets are growing 50-100 basis points annually 33% are increasing their Walmart […]

Early Feedback from Brands on Walmart’s In-Store Retail Media Offerings

June 2, 2024 2 minute read Brands have moved on from the retail media FOMO mentality of past years when a new retail media network (RMN) seemed to pop up weekly and brands felt a frantic pressure to invest in them all. They’ve come to terms with a few key facts: We’ll never have unlimited […]

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