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Amazon Research

Analyzing Amazon’s 4Q22 Results

February 2, 20234 minute read This was one of the less volatile quarters in a while for Amazon as it delivered moderate results amidst a slowing economy, all of which was largely expected.1P sales decelerated, although did stay in positive territory after adjusting for foreign currency.Meanwhile, Amazon’s 3P segment grew 24% Y/Y, a slight acceleration from […]

Takeaways from Measuring Customer LTV via AMC Presentation

February 1, 20232 minute read Stratably hosted Patrick Miller from Ascential to explain how brands can measure customer lifetime value by cohort via AMC, and what actions that can drive. Watch the session hereCreate a competitive edgeWe often encourage Amazon NAMs, heads of eCommerce and their senior leadership colleagues to think about how they can create a […]

Are Posts, Live, and Influencers important for brands to grow on Amazon?

January 30, 20232 minute read Earlier this week, Stratably shared benchmark results on the maturity of Amazon’s core advertising levers available to 1P and 3P brands. Today’s short essay builds on that research by sharing adoption data of what many brands describe as tertiary marketing levers. As the chart below illustrates, adoption of these tools is significantly less […]

One-Third of Brands Aren’t Using a Full Funnel Approach with Amazon Advertising

January 18, 20232 minute read All of us know Amazon is a great site to convert shoppers that are in-market searching for goods. This is the power of paid search on Amazon. However, we also know consumers use Amazon at different points in their shopping journey, and Amazon’s ad options stretch across the funnel.Large advertisers are already spending […]

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The Rise of Rapid Grocery Delivery

Millennials' Path to Purchase for Gifts

Understanding Amazon Aggregators

Emerging Channels & the Capabilities Needed to Thrive

Omnichannel Research

Latest insights on Walmart Luminate from the CMA 2023 Conference

March 8, 2023 There was a panel discussion dedicated to Walmart Luminate at the Category Management Association’s annual conference last week. It included a mix of professionals from Walmart Luminate, Shiloh Technologies (an API partner), along with category managers from Nestle and Sanofi. The purpose of the session was to help attendees understand how consumer brands are utilizing […]

Digital Growth Competition + Instacart, ChatGPT, & Marketplaces

Topics Covered: March 6, 2023Comparing Amazon, Walmart, and Target through a digital lensInstacart grows 39% in ‘22Kroger comps +6.2% in 4QInstacart adding ChatGPT to appTarget comps 0.7% in 4QMichaels adds a marketplaceAnalyzing Digital Growth Across Amazon, Walmart & TargetNow that Amazon, Walmart, and Target have all reported their full year 2022 results, we analyzed how […]

How to Use Media Data to Measure Digital Shelf Effectiveness – Recap

February 23, 2023 Stratably hosted Amanda Wolff from OneSpace, an Ascential Company, to walk through the modern approach towards measuring digital shelf effectiveness. Watch the session hereNearly half of brands are hiring staff dedicated to PDP contentPDP content is a fluid aspect of doing business with retailers. New components to PDP pages along with the growing importance […]

Breaking down demand, inflation, inventory and ad trends through the lens of 5 companies

February 13, 2023 Earnings season is in full swing providing us a chance to see how companies in different parts of the retail economy are performing. We looked to Pepsi, Under Armour, Mattel, Uber and Criteo for a diverse understanding of…Consumer demand and inflationary trendsRetail channel inventory levelsAdvertising trendsThe analysis illustrates it is too simplistic to say […]

Retail Media Research

Fraction of a Fraction Fallacy in Retail Media

March 27, 2023 Launching a retail media network is the path towards riches. Put simply, retail margins are measured in the single digits compared to double digit media margins. Retailers have jumped on this opportunity as site traffic has grown two, three, four, even five times higher compared to pre-pandemic.Of course, it’s smacking them in the face. […]

How Hourly Bidding Can Create a Major Competitive Advantage – Recap

March 7, 2023 Stratably hosted Joe Shelerud from Ad Advance to explain what insights Amazon Marketing Stream (“Stream”) unlocks and how that drives hourly bidding opportunities on Amazon Sponsored Products and Sponsored Display. Watch the session hereSpending money on advertising is no longer enoughAmazon is a wildly competitive platform where brands and sellers scrape and claw their […]

Why New to Brand is a Superior Ad Metric on Amazon – Recap

February 15, 2023 Stratably hosted Kiri Masters and Ross Walker from Acadia to explain the importance of Amazon’s New-to-Brand (NTB) metric. Watch the session hereThe purpose of New-to-BrandNTB illustrates the degree to which your sales are being bought by consumers that haven’t purchased from a brand in the last 12 months. It’s designed to illustrate how well you’re […]

The Impact of Programmatic Offsite Media on Walmart and Target JBPs – Recap

February 9, 2023 Stratably hosted Mark Stamps from Harvest Group to explain the programmatic opportunity via Walmart Connect and Target Roundel, and how that flows through to the P&L and joint business planning. Watch the session hereWe're in the early innings on adoption58% of webinar registrants report they are currently activating programmatic via Walmart and Target today. […]

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