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There is no substitute: Russ Dieringer's analysis is very thorough and extremely insightful. Highly recommended.
Stratably provides great insight about the eCommerce world in a consolidated format. With the growth in eCommerce and the rapid changes, Stratably keeps me informed on a broad spectrum of topics that I need to better manage the business.
I love Stratably! Russ is a trusted expert and he breaks down topics into digestible and actionable ways to drive strategy and focus. Amazon, eCommerce and the digital space is moving quicker than ever and Russ's topics are always front of mind and helpful to stay on top of trends and look to the future.
Stratably is a must read for anyone in the consumer brands digital commerce space. It has a unique POV that combines the best of financial research with practical observations and insights on industry innovation.
Stratably is a core resource for our Digital Commerce team at Ghirardelli. We love the insights that Russ provides around Amazon, retail media and economic conditions as it relates to digital. Stratably helps me be a more informed leader and gives our team the best tools to influence our organization internally.
Stratably provides direct, unbiased, and timely insight that sparks my week.
My essential source for eCommerce & retail media trends. Stratably cuts through the deluge of news in this space, actually connecting the dots for brands and advertisers. I love the ability to search past analysis when I'm looking to do a deep-dive on a topic.
Russ consistently brings the most thought out and well researched insights in the industry. He tells you what you need to know and how it will affect your various verticals.

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Amazon Research

Amazon Annual Vendor Negotiations are a Good Thing

May 20, 2024 1 minute read Amazon annual vendor negotiations (AVNs) are a good thing. What are you talking about??? Let’s get into it. This is a Gated Article Just for Premium Members Join the Stratably community Access independent research on the omnichannel market Premium membership unlocks: Bite-sized market updates Industry benchmarks Invites to live […]

Strategies and Tactics for Launching Products on Amazon

May 15, 2024 Brands are relying on new product innovation to support their growth plans, and Amazon is becoming an increasingly important platform for launching products. In fact, over 1-in-4 brands are now launching their new products on Amazon first before expanding to other accounts. Yet, over 1-in-3 don’t have a great strategy or process […]

Takeaways for Retail Leaders from Amazon’s 1Q24 Results

This is a Gated Article Just for Premium Members Join the Stratably community Access independent research on the omnichannel market Premium membership unlocks: Bite-sized market updates Industry benchmarks Invites to live events Deep dive analyses Retailer forecasts And More! Premium Membership unlocks our full insights that you can use to drive alignment across your organization, […]

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Omnichannel Research

Key Takeaways from Walmart’s 1Q24 Results

May 16, 2024 Walmart reported another quarter of impressive results this morning, with sales and profitability outperforming expectations across all business units. According to CEO Doug McMillon, the shining stars of the quarter were: The eCommerce business Inventory management Rollbacks eCommerce continues to play a critical role to Walmart’s success, contributing 67% of the incremental […]

The Current Status and Future Trajectory of Walmart Luminate

April 9, 2024 3 minute read Today we answer four common questions on Luminate, Walmart’s analytics offering that: Is gaining adoption among merchants and brands Is expected to replace Decision Support System (DSS) this year Offers the most sophisticated and data-driven brands a competitive edge on Walmart Let’s dive in. This is a Gated Article […]

Mass Retailers Outpacing the Market by ~2x

March 25, 2024 4 minute read The following analysis compares recent performance across Amazon, Walmart, and Target, which together make up Stratably’s Mass Index. Given their size, strategic importance to brands, and outperformance in the market, the performance analysis reveals who’s winning and losing and illuminates what’s driving success in retail today and what we […]

Retail Media Research

Benchmarking Data on Walmart Connect Performance and Investment Levels

March 20, 2024 3 minute read Our recent retail media benchmark shows brands are allocating 15.5% of their total marketing budgets to retail media. While that figure is steadily increasing, digital leaders still view their retail media budgets (and broader resources) as limited, especially relative to the number of retail media networks (RMNs) knocking on […]

The Role of Product Detail Pages in Retail Media Budget Decisions

March 18, 2024 Retail media is having a moment, and it’s an exciting time for digital leaders. As retail media networks (RMNs) continue to proliferate, this means more levers to access shoppers and drive sales. But excitement meets overwhelm when the resources and budgets to support retail media are still limited. Are we investing in […]

Benchmarking Data on Brands’ Retail Media Investments

February 26, 2024 4 minute read Digital leaders know retail media is an important investment to: Stay competitive on the digital shelf Support the relationship with your key retail customers Connect with the consumer at critical points in their shopping journey But what’s the right level of investment? And where are brands putting their dollars? […]

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