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3-Step Framework for Retail Media Growth Planning

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I had a healthy debate with an agency friend this past week about the growth potential of omnichannel retail media networks. He asked: “Should we be investing meaningfully in retail media outside of Amazon considering the small size of its peers? Right now, a lot of brands are spending sub-50 basis points into retail ads outside […]

Retail Media Left Out?; ROAS Interpretation; Training vs. Doing

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Topics Covered: April 18, 20223 studies worth unpackingLeaving out retail mediaInterpreting ROAS trendsFragmenting digital ad marketBalancing training with doingAMC is the marketer’s secret weaponAndy Jassy’s letter to shareholdersAmazon marketplace platform riskCreator platform riskBeReal is the next app – get ready marketers!Albertson’s comments on retail media

Amazon Marketing Cloud (everything I’ve learned so far…)

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10-minute read TL;DR: AMC is a marketer’s secret weapon, helping them understand the roll Amazon can play from a customer acquisition and media channel perspective. It is under-adopted because it’s a complex analytical tool, that has been poorly marketed, and its name means people categorize it as relevant only for the Amazon business. However, early adopters […]

Fundamentals; Agency Selection; Brand Media; CMO Title Change

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Topics Covered: April 11, 2022Fundamentals before metaverseAgency selectionBrand retail media networksUnilever updates CMO titleUpdate for Amazon NAMsInstacart statsKroger & Bed Bath 🤔$100B SheinSustainability/retention ideaUnique in-store experienceCase study: L’Oreal on TikTok

Shopper Marketer Stress; Reddit and Prime; Marketplace Control

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Topics Covered: April 4, 20228 reasons shopper marketing teams are stressedBuilding a unified media strategyReddit & Prime overlapMarketplace control solutions are knownKroger Precision Marketing welcomes new partnersUS brands aren’t doing livestreaming rightMore eGrocery turbulence – Gopuff cutting staff!

8 Reasons Why Your Shopper Marketing Team Might be Stressed

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We have a big problem: CPG brands have underinvested in shopper marketing teams. These teams are charged with understanding the consumer and getting them to convert. Available options were previously constrained within the four physical walls of a retailer – endcaps, coupons, signage, discounts, and so on were the tools of the trade for influencing market […]