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The Gravitational Pull of Amazon Advertising

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August 8, 20224 minute read Growth is strong with many (but not all) consumer brands actively building stronger retail media capabilities that support retailers across their business.Criteo, one of the pioneers in the space powering dozens of retailers’ search ad offerings reported retail media growth of 42% in 2Q22, anticipating 45% growth for the full year.When […]

Analyzing Retail Media, Search and Social in 6 Charts

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August 1, 20224 minute read Five years ago, heads of eCommerce were largely concerned with “retail” things like assortment, product detail page content, and negotiating co-op with a determined vendor manager. Those things all still really matter. But there’s more now.   The explosion in retail media has made digital advertising an important component to driving visibility AND […]

An Alternative Way to Measure Retail Media ROI

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2 minute readWalmart Connect, like its omnichannel peers’ retail media businesses, consists of 1P and 3P brands spending to get placement on featured products, brand amplifiers, and display banners around the site. Walmart has recently started communicating that its programmatic offering powered by The Trade Desk (TTD) is available to all brands that use TTD (after […]

State of retail media + Amazon Stream + Q-Com Lives!

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Topics Covered: June 27, 2022The state of retail mediaAmazon Marketing StreamDTC to wholesaleNew Q-Commerce testsPhysical-Digital analoguesThe State of Retail MediaWe all know the number of retail media platforms has grown. But it becomes crystal clear when you put it down on paper. 🤯 🤯 🤯  I’m sure I didn’t capture them all, but there’s 29 listed […]