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Up to Speed on Retail Media – April 2023

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April 24, 2023   We’ve organized our 2023 retail media research along with the highlights of what we saved offline into one, easy to digest thematic-based email.   It will get you up to speed quickly and will be particularly useful for those building a deck or other reports on retail media.   The format […]

Takeaways from Our Deep Dive on Retail Media Measurement

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April 19, 2023 Stratably hosted Skye Frontier from Incremental to dive into the challenge of retail media measurement, including common pitfalls. Watch The Recording Here12 reasons why retail media measurement is challengingIf your organization struggles to measure retail media performance with conviction, you’re not alone. It is incredibly difficult to do this well because of many factors, […]

Walmart eCommerce Update, Dwell Times, BwP, Ad ROI

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Topics Covered: April 10, 2023Walmart lays out its digital visionNew product innovation downIncreasing dwell timeEarly days with Buy with PrimeLosing money on sponsored productsChatGPT incorporated into shoppingWalmart is becoming a faster growth retailer because of eCommerceWalmart hosted its annual investor meeting last week, crystalizing the importance eCommerce plays in its future growth AND profitability strategy. This […]

Fraction of a Fraction Fallacy in Retail Media

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March 27, 2023 Launching a retail media network is the path towards riches. Put simply, retail margins are measured in the single digits compared to double digit media margins. Retailers have jumped on this opportunity as site traffic has grown two, three, four, even five times higher compared to pre-pandemic.Of course, it’s smacking them in the face. […]

Retail Media Challenge + AI’s iPhone Moment, Amazon & Data

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Topics Covered: March 27, 2023Fraction of a fraction fallacy in retail mediaAI’s iPhone momentRanking data sharing by retail mediaNew Amazon DSP metrics researchToo much data, too little insightAmazon delivering from storesChewy expects continued discretionary weaknessWe just need a fraction of a fraction…Launching a retail media network is the path towards riches. Put simply, retail margins are […]

How Hourly Bidding Can Create a Major Competitive Advantage – Recap

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March 7, 2023 Stratably hosted Joe Shelerud from Ad Advance to explain what insights Amazon Marketing Stream (“Stream”) unlocks and how that drives hourly bidding opportunities on Amazon Sponsored Products and Sponsored Display. Watch the session hereSpending money on advertising is no longer enoughAmazon is a wildly competitive platform where brands and sellers scrape and claw their […]

Key Takeaways for Brands Following Target’s 4Q Results & Investor Update

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February 28, 2023 Target ($109B in annual sales) reported its fourth quarter results this morning along with hosting an investor day. Management reiterated its long-term strategy, while highlighting some near-term positives and acknowledging the uncertainty around predicting consumer demand in ‘23. Both comps (0.7%) and operating margins (3.7%) in 4Q came in ahead of conservative expectations. In addition, […]

Key Takeaways from CAGNY 2023

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February 27, 2023 The annual CAGNY conference took place last week in Florida providing participating leadership teams across the largest CPG companies the opportunity to talk about their corporate strategy, changes underway in their organizations, and long-term growth and profitability goals. We reviewed the presentations and commentary to uncover common themes across organizations. Read on for our key […]