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Surviving the eCommerce Winter

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5 minute readBundle UpIt’s a busy week ahead with Walmart, Target, Home Depot and Lowe’s all reporting, along with quarterly eCommerce data coming from the Census Bureau. The results will help complete what has become a bleak picture for near term digital performance as eCommerce has entered a “winter” period. 

Inflation is Top of Mind for CPG

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7 minute readAnalyzing Recent CPG Management CommentaryIt was a busy week across the board, with tech, digital advertising, and pertinent to this article, CPG companies reporting results. I reviewed the earnings results for eight CPG companies that collectively did $300 billion in sales last year to understand:What are CPG firms most focused on near-term?What type of […]

Assessing the Digital Opportunity with Walmart

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March 17, 20222 minute read Russ Dieringer of Stratably joined Kiri Masters of Bobsled Marketing on her eCommerce Braintrust podcast to discuss Walmart.com in a two part series. Consumer brands are rooting for Walmart to succeed as it offers a way to diversify their digital sales from Amazon at a scale few peers are able to offer. […]

The Folly of Digital Penetration

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March 14, 20222 minute read I’ve written before about the problems of focusing on digital penetration as a KPI, an increasingly common occurrence amongst consumer brands and retailers.TL/DR: A more comprehensive digital vision is needed to inform shareholders, unify the organization, and force senior leadership commitment.Plus, digital penetration ignores total sales growth, which, of course, is […]

Kroger: Thoughts, Stats & Notes from 4Q21

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March 8, 20224 minute readWinning on Kroger will Require a Two-Pronged Approach30 Second SummaryKroger delivered solid top and bottom-line performance in the near-term, while maintaining its plans to double digital revenue and profitability between ’21 to ’23. In 4Q21, Kroger’s digital business decelerated more meaningfully than peers like Walmart, Target, and Amazon, driven by Kroger’s greater […]

Target: Thoughts, Stats & Notes from 4Q21

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March 1, 20225 minute readTarget’s Leadership in Store-Based Fulfillment is Driving Outsized Digital Growth30 Second SummaryTarget delivered impressive results for the fourth quarter and raised its long-term revenue growth target from low single digits to mid-single digits. The company emphasized its store-based fulfillment model as critical to its digital success, driving average per unit fulfillment […]

Amazon Stores Don’t Matter

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4 minute readAmazon acquired Whole Foods for $13.4 billion in June 2017, ushering in a new sense of urgency at its omnichannel rivals that worried Amazon would be the one to create a true omnichannel experience. This has never come to be realized though, at least not in terms of Amazon delivering a game changing digital/physical […]

Amazon Breakdown (Part 3): Physical Stores

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3 minute readAs Amazon prepares to report its quarterly results this Thursday, we’re breaking down its retail business segments in a multi-part series this week. We analyzed “Online Stores”  on Monday, “Third-Party Seller Services” yesterday, and today we turn our attention to Amazon’s “Physical Stores” segment, which encompasses Amazon’s physical retail footprint (Whole Foods, Amazon Fresh […]