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Surviving the eCommerce Winter

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5 minute readBundle UpIt’s a busy week ahead with Walmart, Target, Home Depot and Lowe’s all reporting, along with quarterly eCommerce data coming from the Census Bureau. The results will help complete what has become a bleak picture for near term digital performance as eCommerce has entered a “winter” period. 

Analyzing Shopify’s March ’22 Results

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7 minute readExpectations ResetDespite the May weather, we’re entering a bit of an eCommerce winter, supported by Shopify’s results last week in which its GMV grew 16% (vs. 32% in the prior quarter and 114% in the March-2021 quarter). Shopify, acknowledging the slowdown in eCommerce spending (tough comps, increasing consumer mobility), focused much of its commentary […]

CPG Inflation + Amazon 1Q + Supply Chain Partners

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Topics Covered: May 2, 2022Inflation is top of mind for CPGThree big eCommerce trendsAmazon’s 1Q22 Earnings AnalysisAmerican Eagle as a supply chain partnerFood Rocket raises new round for instant groceryThe lack of MFC adoption to-dateExplainer on retail media networks

Amazon 1Q22 Results Recap

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3 minute readSummary: Amazon 1Q22 ResultsAmazon’s retail business continued its deceleration as the company lapped the end of the pandemic and stimulus payments from a year ago. Its fulfillment capacity is now back to pre-pandemic performance levels, helping support 60%+ GMV growth on a two-year stack basis.North America (+8% Y/Y) performed better than International (down […]

Amazon vs Shopify; Ads all the Way Down

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Topics Covered: April 25, 2022“Buy with Prime” vs. Deliverr3-Step framework for retail media growthAds all the way down: Netflix, Microsoft, SonyP&G on inflationOmnicom on privacyMore stats on drone delivery

“Buy with Prime” vs. Shopify & Deliverr

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Understanding how “Buy with Prime” and Shopify’s Interest in Deliverr are LinkedThere were two, very related developments that happened last week:Amazon launched “Buy with Prime”: In summary, a DTC site can place a widget on their checkout that allows the consumer to use their Amazon credentials to check out and then the brand uses Amazon […]

Retail Media Left Out?; ROAS Interpretation; Training vs. Doing

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Topics Covered: April 18, 20223 studies worth unpackingLeaving out retail mediaInterpreting ROAS trendsFragmenting digital ad marketBalancing training with doingAMC is the marketer’s secret weaponAndy Jassy’s letter to shareholdersAmazon marketplace platform riskCreator platform riskBeReal is the next app – get ready marketers!Albertson’s comments on retail media