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3 Benchmarks on Amazon Performance 1Q-to-Date

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February 19, 2024 3 minute read Our continuous Amazon benchmarks provide an independent view on how sales performance, advertising performance, and promotional activity is trending over time for brands. The research can help you understand if your business is over- or under-pacing the market and can serve as a quantitative check on if you’re investing […]

Amazon Ads vs. the Digital Ad Market

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Should we be putting more or less of our digital ad budget into Amazon? That’s a common and complex question retail leaders are asking themselves. It requires a deep knowledge of your own goals and performance across platforms. But from a market level, we can look at the recent results and forecasts for Amazon Ads, […]

2024 Amazon Profitability & AVN Study

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February 9, 2024 Annual Vendor Negotiations (AVNs) are a critical part of the Amazon business for 1P consumer brands, as they have important financial implications and set the stage for the year ahead. One component of Stratably’s 5-Step Framework for Navigating AVNs is to understand your business metrics and performance, ideally in the broader context […]

Takeaways from our Live Session on our 2024 Amazon Profitability & AVN Benchmark

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February 8, 2024 Stratably teamed up with Martin Heubel of Consulterce to present the findings of our 2024 Amazon Profitability & AVN Benchmark. Key Topics: How Amazon’s profitability trends are impacting brands Amazon’s growth trajectory relative to other retail accounts Benchmarking data and expert advice for navigating Amazon’s cost price decrease requests and brands’ price […]

Benchmarking Insights to Inform your Pricing Strategy with Amazon

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February 6, 2024 In part 1 of our AVN series yesterday, we learned that Amazon tends to be more profitable than conventional wisdom suggests. Putting price increases through has been an important lever to make that happen over the last several years. For instance, of the 32% of brands that grew their Amazon margins over […]

Myth-Busting Data on Brands’ Profit Margins with Amazon

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February 5, 2024 We all know how the economics work on Amazon: “You can’t make money shipping products on Amazon” “They’ll just keep asking for more money every year” “It’s a drain on our resources” “Amazon is a money pit” … Right? These narratives get especially loud during AVN season when Amazon typically is asking […]