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Takeaways from our Live Session on Amazon Competitive Analyses

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September 27, 2023   Stratably hosted Kelsey Scarzello from Momentum Commerce to share why competitive analysis is important on Amazon and how it differs from what brands might be accustomed to in-store. Key topics: The importance of competitive analyses on Amazon Unique aspects inherent to Amazon Where to focus Case studies   Watch The Recording […]

3 Opportunities to Build a Competitive Edge with your PDP Content

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September 25, 2023   We all know the importance of top-notch PDP content in driving search ranking and conversion, which is why it falls in the upper right of our competitive edge matrix – high impact for the business, and highly adopted by eCommerce practitioners.   Generally speaking, this means optimizing your PDPs is a […]

Sales, promotions, media spend and margins at Amazon, Target and Kroger

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September 11, 2023   Our recent benchmarking provides insight on sales, promotions, retail media and margin trends across Amazon, Kroger and Target. Key Takeaways Amazon > expected; Target and Kroger in-line to below Promo environment already hot Retail media spend outpacing sales growth Margins aren’t as pressured as one might expect  

12 Reasons Why eCommerce Matters to Big Brands

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August 28, 2023   We know eCommerce matters but can we articulate it?   Too often the conversation starts and stops with digital penetration. Maybe you’re in a category where digital is 5% or one where it’s 40%.     But regardless, that’s just one piece of the puzzle.   We developed the following outline […]

Updated Forecasts: eCommerce projected to outpace stores by 6.9 points

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August 23, 2023   In follow-up to our analysis of retail sales in 2Q23 published on Monday, we’re now looking into the balance of the year to understand what ’23 and ’24 might have in store for growth.   The goal is to share our updated full-year forecasts following 2Q results and examine how digital […]

What drove retail growth in 2Q23 – physical or digital?

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August 21, 2023   The following analysis examines the recently released 2Q retail data from the U.S. Census Bureau, including a review of how much digital sales contributed to overall growth and the relative performance of Amazon, Walmart, and Target to the broader market.   While eCommerce and physical stores work in concert with each […]

What 30 Brands Had to Say about eCommerce in 2Q23

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August 14, 2023   eCommerce efforts inside consumer brands have historically been ignored by the investor community.   There were rarely any direct questions on eCommerce strategy or capabilities asked of senior management teams. For most, eCommerce amounted to a minority of sales, and there was a general underappreciation of its growth trajectory and the […]

How Amazon Ads stacks up in 2Q23, 2023, and 2024

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August 9, 2023   In follow-up to our analysis of the digital advertising market last week, we’re looking at Amazon’s performance relative to its digital advertising peers.   This provides a quantitative understanding of macro-level flows in the digital advertising market and how Amazon’s growth compares to alternative platforms consumer brands have at their disposal. […]