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Inflation is Top of Mind for CPG

Article in Briefings

7 minute readAnalyzing Recent CPG Management CommentaryIt was a busy week across the board, with tech, digital advertising, and pertinent to this article, CPG companies reporting results. I reviewed the earnings results for eight CPG companies that collectively did $300 billion in sales last year to understand:What are CPG firms most focused on near-term?What type of […]

Amazon’s Supply Chain Dominance

Article in Building Blocks

February 17, 20223 minute readShopify’s New Supply Chain Strategy Lags AmazonDigital commerce leaders know more about supply chain than ever before because of the last two years of pandemic disruptions. Amazon, of course, has always known this, speedily shipping its owned inventory through its network, creating its FBA service to enable sellers to reach consumers in […]

CPG Boards are Missing Technology Experience

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5 minute read Publically-traded CPG companies have begun sharing more metrics about their digital businesses over the last year, providing insight into digital penetration rates and high-level growth strategies. Examples include:Nestle held a specific investor seminar in 4Q21 on digital transformation, putting a stake in the ground on reaching 25% digital penetration by 2025 (vs. 12.8% today […]

Leveraging TikTok to Drive Sales [unlocked]

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10 minute readTL/DR: TikTok is a social commerce powerhouse eCommerce teams need to care about, regardless of the category they compete in. It’s capable of driving 83% month-over-month sales lifts on Amazon and enabling a cookie company in Utah to have more reach than Nike. Yet, it’s highly unpredictable and requires brands to move fast, […]

Millennials’ Path to Purchase for Gifts

Article in Consumer Studies

5 Minute ReadWatch the Highlights: Loom Video HighlightsTL/DRIn analyzing Millennials’ path to purchase for gifts, the results suggest a multi-channel mix contributing to discovery, with social platforms, retail websites, and physical stores all contributing. Beyond discovery, social media is becoming more important further down the path to purchase as Millennials are using it to expand […]