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1P Implications from Amazon’s FBA CMS Initiative

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January 23, 20233 minute read Amazon’s new FBA Capacity Management System (let’s call it FBA CMS!) was all over the ecosystem news last week. But what hasn’t been covered is what it tells us about capabilities and why it’s relevant for 1P brands. eCommerce leaders should read on to understand FBA CMS, why it isn’t that creative, the […]

How are brands adjusting their Amazon ad plans in ’23?

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January 16, 20225 minute read eCommerce leaders face an increasingly complex decision set with Amazon Advertising in 2023. While Amazon continues to offer unprecedented scale, measurement, audience quality and inventory options compared to peers, its growth is slowing, ordering pattern volatility has increased, and there is more competition from other retail media options. This complexity is layered on […]

Despite slower growth ahead, Amazon’s outperformance persists in ‘23

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January 9, 20225 minute read Amazon has historically been a growth machine, compounding its sales at an astonishing 24% each year over the last decade. 2023 is shaping up to be different. eCommerce leaders face the prospect of much slower growth in the year ahead driven by a combination of reduced consumer demand across retail, greater competition, and […]

Testing eCommerce Knowledge with ChatGPT

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December 12, 20223 minute read There’s been an explosion in interest around Generative AI with the release of ChatGPT. Headlines are stating it will replace Google Search, while others are quick to point out ChatGPT’s inaccuracies. In my experiments, the outputs are generally right, but not perfect. That inspired a challenge for today. How well do you know what factors […]

“Hundreds of Aisles” Better Characterizes Amazon than an “Infinite Shelf”

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December 7, 20222 minute read You may have heard the term “infinite shelf”, which is meant to describe the unlimited number of items Amazon (and increasingly Walmart) sell.  Searching for “ice cream scoop” returns 1,000+ options on Amazon compared to the 14 results at the local Target store. But “infinite shelf” misleads digital practitioners.99% of the 1,000+ options […]

Retail Media Doesn’t Fit Neatly into Trade Spend

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December 5, 20223 minute read Retail media has a branding problem. It should drop “retail” from the name, leaving just media. This would help marketers evaluate the opportunity from a neutral starting place, rather than the common approach of coming at it from a retail-first position.Many CPG brands classify ANY retail media spend as trade spend.  According to […]

Benchmark Research on Amazon Marketing Cloud, Attribution, & Stream – Part 1 (Summary)

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November 28, 20225 minute read Stratably surveyed 40 consumer brands on their usage of Amazon’s analytical tools including Amazon Marketing Cloud, Amazon Attribution, and Amazon Stream. This is an important study because many brands are unfamiliar with these tools resulting in low adoption. This low adoption is resulting in a competitive edge opportunity that rarely exists on […]

Analyzing Amazon’s 3Q Results and Tempered Outlook

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October 27, 20223 minute read How do you wipe out $136B in value? You report a weak holiday outlook like Amazon did this evening. While most retail metrics were positive for 3Q22, Amazon’s expectation for 13% Q/Q growth in 4Q22 means it’s expecting the quarter to grow at only 45% the rate normal seasonality would suggest. Investors are unhappy, […]