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Take the Amazon Algorithm for Lunch

Article in Building Blocks

3 minute read You can’t take an algorithm to lunch. Those that have attended enough Amazon-oriented conferences know the adage. Unlike working with a traditional retailer such as Walmart, Kroger, Home Depot, and so on, Amazon is, to put it mildly…different. 

When will Amazon Fresh take off?

Article in Briefings

5 minute read Amazon Fresh delivered much weaker results than it targeted in 2021, driven by overly ambitious growth estimates, industry-wide supply chain challenges, and company-specific operational issues. Those that have worked on the platform for years will recognize this as part of a common two-year cycle.  Amazon Fresh pairs aggressive targets with aggressive asks in the […]

Amazon Update: 3Q21 Shows Signs of Slowdown

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3Q21 Performance & Market Update Amazon’s retail business slowed during the quarter, in-line with the broader digital market. It’s commentary suggests labor issues are the primary challenge it faced this quarter and will continue to battle in 4Q as it looks to meet holiday demand.Should Amazon National Account Managers be worried? Not necessarily. We’ve seen […]

Aggregators: A Friend to VPs of eCommerce

Article in Research

Topics Covered: Aggregators: A friend to VPs of eCommerce Lowe’s finally launches retail media network Amazon abusing marketplace data Federal Government attempts to help improve supply chain capacity Walmart and Netflix team up

Amazon Advertising Update: Declining ROAS; More Video; Full Funnel

Article in Briefings

The following report covers Stratably’s research on how Amazon advertising is changing, including what its team is focused on promoting, how brand spend is changing on the platform, and a list of its recently released features.   Key Takeaways: Anticipate declining ROAS into 3Q as CPC comp trend weighs on results and manage internal expectations accordingly. […]