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TL;DR: AMC is a marketer’s secret weapon, helping them understand the roll Amazon can play from a customer acquisition and media channel perspective. It is under-adopted because it’s a complex analytical tool, that has been poorly marketed, and its name means people categorize it as relevant only for the Amazon business. However, early adopters will have an advantage over rivals as the industry faces rising CPCs, difficulty targeting consumers, and uncertainty around an increasingly complex path to purchase.

Amazon Marketing Cloud

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is an under-adopted analytics option that answers challenging questions like how upper funnel and lower funnel activations work together to grow sales.


The goal with this article is to highlight why the tool is impactful for those selling on Amazon or DTC, challenge conventional thinking about the tool, and ultimately prompt discussion internally and with agency partners so that you start taking advantage of it. 


Stay till the end for help on applying the analysis to your business!

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