February 16, 2022

2 minute read

Let's Talk Amazon Advertising

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In this first interview of the series, Patrick Miller, Co-President of Digital Commerce at Ascential, shares his thoughts on the current state of Amazon advertising, key initiatives for brands to understand in 2022, and contrarian takes on CPC trends, first-party data collection and Aggregators.


One of the most powerful insights from the interview is Patrick’s take on how organizations will evolve internally as retail media grows. Instead of organizing around banners (where a team is focused on Facebook OR Amazon Advertising, for example), firms will evolve to objectives-based teams that have no restrictions around the platforms they use to achieve their goals.

Key Topics Covered

  1. Brands should evaluate Amazon CPC trends vs. 2019 rather than Y/Y (1:00)
  2. Modeling incremental sales is the KPI that matters when measuring ad effectiveness (4:00)
  3. Marketers should be learning about and using Amazon Marketing Cloud (8:30)
  4. Amazon’s attempting to drive discovery on the site (13:45)
  5. It is Day 1 with Amazon livestreaming (17:05)
  6. Growth, profitability, and budgeting source impact how brands allocate across retail media networks (20:35)
  7. Retail media is changing how organizations are structuring, moving from banners to objectives (20:30)
  8. Should all consumer brands be focused on first-party data? (27:00)
  9. Amazon Aggregators may transition into service providers. (33:30)

It’s a powerful interview with insights from a pioneer in the industry!


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Background on Patrick Miller & Ascential

Patrick Miller, Co-President of Ascential’s Digital Commerce Division, co-founded Flywheel Digital in 2014 and Flywheel became a part of Ascential plc in 2018.  As part of his role, Patrick spends most of his time on product, strategy and M&A–in 2021 Ascential acquired seven digital commerce companies.


Patrick has focused on digital retail and brand success since 2010.  Before that, Patrick oversaw the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s web, social, and volunteer engagement.  Previously Patrick worked on numerous political campaigns managing websites, targeting, and voter contact. Patrick received his BA in English from James Madison University and volunteers for a number of environmental and trails advocacy organizations.


Ascential delivers specialist information, analytics and ecommerce optimisation for the world's leading consumer brands and their ecosystems.   Its customers rely on them to make smart strategic decisions that improve performance now and in the future.  Digital Commerce is Ascential’s largest and fastest growing segment.


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