Rethinking Applicability

More often than not, examples of social commerce are tied to categories like fashion and beauty. That tends to make professionals in other categories turn off from what’s happening there because it seems irrelevant or overwhelming.
Yet, a great case study emerged this week with Crumbl Cookies that should cause all of us to lift our heads up at the creative thinking going on there. 



The company, as profiled in Modern Retail, opened in 2017 with a physical storefront, and now has 1.1 million TikTok followers.  Compare that to 1.5 million for Nike(!).  That is an incredible trajectory born out of a smart franchise model and aligning itself with the algorithms that matter.
One of the ways the brand creates virality on social is to use the drop model, more commonly used in fashion. The company has a rotating menu and each week it releases what’s coming out.  In other words, Crumbl is adapting what its seen in other categories to its own business…to much success!
And why does Crumbl resonate with so many young consumers?  “They’re Instagrammable…that’s what Gen Z cares about” according to Kelsie Flaim, an influencer familiar with the brand.
Questions to Consider:

  1. Is there an analogous way we can build hype around product launches?
  2. Do we need to re-think product innovation so that we can consistently generate engagement on social channels akin to a rotating menu?
  3. Are our key retail channels leveraging TikTok in analogous ways? What are their plans to do so in 2H21 and 2022?
  4. Is our strategy "Instagrammable"?


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