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Gen Z Communication

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Gen Z Data Trove TikTok reached 3 billion downloads recently, placing it in the rare company of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger in terms of reach. Said another way, its monstrous growth trajectory has made it become a critical channel to understand and leverage.  

The Livestreaming Opportunity

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Count me skeptical. To enjoy a livestream, you need some combination of really wanting to learn about a product, love the featured brand, or really enjoy the influencer/host…otherwise, “mind-numbing” doesn’t even do it justice.    Yet, livestreaming has become one of the most talked about ways to sell products in 2021. While many brands have been hesitant to […]

Case Studies in Crowdsourcing

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Crowdsourcing Crowdsourcing is at the intersection of user-generated content and social commerce, and recognizes the power of consumers participating in the creation of a brand or product.It essentially leverages an existing following or capitalizes on a particularly viral moment to engage with an audience and build loyalty by turning over control of the brand to […]

Rethinking Influencer Partnerships

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Rethinking Influencer Partnerships Saks, the digital spin-off of Saks Fifth Avenue, announced it was adding James Harden, NBA superstar on the Brooklyn Nets, to its board after he bought a minority stake in the company.

TikTok Applicability [unlocked]

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Rethinking Applicability More often than not, examples of social commerce are tied to categories like fashion and beauty. That tends to make professionals in other categories turn off from what’s happening there because it seems irrelevant or overwhelming. Yet, a great case study emerged this week with Crumbl Cookies that should cause all of us to lift our […]