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Takeaways from our Live Session on Advanced Amazon Marketing Cloud

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March 13, 2024 Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) remains one of the most powerful tools for the modern Amazon practitioner, allowing you to answer a range of questions around how your consumers are finding and buying your products, with common use cases centered around optimizing Amazon ad spend across the funnel and identifying and then targeting […]

Digital Themes from CAGNY 2024

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March 11, 2024 Is eCommerce front and center when consumer brands present their strategy? We were able to test that hypothesis when thirty brands presented at the CAGNY conference, a long-running industry event primarily designed for investors to assess the short- and long-term strategies of some the largest companies in the industry. The event is […]

The Limits of MMM Applicability to Retail Media

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This is a Gated Article Just for Premium Members Join the Stratably community Access independent research on the omnichannel market Premium membership unlocks: Bite-sized market updates Industry benchmarks Invites to live events Deep dive analyses Retailer forecasts And More! Premium Membership unlocks our full insights that you can use to drive alignment across your organization, […]

Benchmarking Data on Brands’ Retail Media Investments

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February 26, 2024 4 minute read Digital leaders know retail media is an important investment to: Stay competitive on the digital shelf Support the relationship with your key retail customers Connect with the consumer at critical points in their shopping journey But what’s the right level of investment? And where are brands putting their dollars? […]

3 Benchmarks on Amazon Performance 1Q-to-Date

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February 19, 2024 3 minute read Our continuous Amazon benchmarks provide an independent view on how sales performance, advertising performance, and promotional activity is trending over time for brands. The research can help you understand if your business is over- or under-pacing the market and can serve as a quantitative check on if you’re investing […]

Amazon Ads vs. the Digital Ad Market

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Should we be putting more or less of our digital ad budget into Amazon? That’s a common and complex question retail leaders are asking themselves. It requires a deep knowledge of your own goals and performance across platforms. But from a market level, we can look at the recent results and forecasts for Amazon Ads, […]

Takeaways from our Live Session on Amazon’s 4Q23 Results for Retail Leaders

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Stratably went live today to delve deep into Amazon’s 4th Quarter 2023 earnings report, helping retail leaders understand the implications for Amazon, the broader retail market, and the eCommerce industry as a whole. This session complemented our written recap (linked below) published yesterday evening after Amazon reported its results. Key topics from the session: How […]

Stratably Live 2023: All Webinar Recaps & Replays

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Jan 2, 2024   To kick off 2024, we’re sharing the recaps and replays of 33 webinars we hosted last year spanning eCommerce topics like Amazon, retail media, product content, and more.   If you’re tasked with educating your organization on eCommerce this year – or simply eager to sharpen your own axe – this […]