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Analyzing Retail Media, Search and Social in 6 Charts

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August 1, 20224 minute read Five years ago, heads of eCommerce were largely concerned with “retail” things like assortment, product detail page content, and negotiating co-op with a determined vendor manager. Those things all still really matter. But there’s more now.   The explosion in retail media has made digital advertising an important component to driving visibility AND […]

Video x Commerce + DTC to Target + Digital Ads Slow

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Topics Covered: July 25, 2022Video x Commerce3 reasons why eCommerce is importantYumi (DTC) expands to TargetAmazon buys One MedicalShipping study highlights progress neededSnap’s results highlight measurement challengesTwitter slowsTL;DR: Video is mostly siloed from commerce today and, as a result, under-leveragedScale is a core challenge as brands struggle to identify useful UGC content across multiple platforms Personalized, […]

Interview with Kiri Masters on a New Model for Allocating Retail Media Budgets

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June 2, 20223 minute readAllocating Retail Media Budgets There has been an explosion in the number of retail media networks that brands can, or in some cases must, advertise on. While excellence on Amazon Advertising was sufficient in the past, brands now need to be proficient on Walmart Connect, Target Roundel, Kroger Precision Media, Lowe’s One Roof […]

Amazon vs Shopify; Ads all the Way Down

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Topics Covered: April 25, 2022“Buy with Prime” vs. Deliverr3-Step framework for retail media growthAds all the way down: Netflix, Microsoft, SonyP&G on inflationOmnicom on privacyMore stats on drone delivery

Retail Media Left Out?; ROAS Interpretation; Training vs. Doing

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Topics Covered: April 18, 20223 studies worth unpackingLeaving out retail mediaInterpreting ROAS trendsFragmenting digital ad marketBalancing training with doingAMC is the marketer’s secret weaponAndy Jassy’s letter to shareholdersAmazon marketplace platform riskCreator platform riskBeReal is the next app – get ready marketers!Albertson’s comments on retail media

Shifting Digital Ads; Affiliate Marketing Evo; Amazon’s Capex Lead

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Topics Covered: February 7, 2022Digital advertising market comparisonPhysical to digital affiliate marketingFive-part series breaking down Amazon, including 4Q21 resultsAmazon capex comparisonGopuff sees opportunities with retail mediaDisappearing vendor managersRapid grocery delivery model strainingShould Amazon buy Kohl’s?New online grocery study