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Improving Walmart Sponsored Products Campaigns Recap

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January 24, 20232 minute read Stratably hosted Stu Clay from Tinuiti to dive deep into how brands can improve the performance of their spend on Walmart Sponsored Products.Watch the Session HereResearch heading into the sessionStratably‚Äôs research in advance of the session indicated a net 35% of brands are planning to increase the percentage of their sales […]

Presentation: The Rise of Rapid Grocery Delivery [unlocked]

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The Rise of 30 Minute or Less Delivery and its Impact on Grocery & Convenience Channels: Placing an order at 2:06pm and receiving it at 2:20pm is no longer reserved for science fiction. Companies like Gopuff, Gorillas, Instacart and increasingly major grocers like Kroger are either executing at this level of speed or moving towards […]

HIRI Presentation: Emerging Channels and the Capabilities Needed to Thrive

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I recently got the chance to speak at the Home Improvement Research Institute’s annual retail event. My talk focused on emerging channels that are going to become more relevant to the home improvement category over the next few years, and the capabilities organizations need in order to take advantage of them. Watch the video presentation […]