November 27, 2023


Today we’re sharing more of our research on Instacart, including benchmarking data from consumer brands on the strategic importance of Instacart and advertising performance and investment levels.


While Instacart has shown slowing growth (albeit positive) and some unique challenges for brands, these data points should add conviction in the importance of an active strategy and appropriate investment levels on the platform in order to meet your consumers where you are and defend your brand against competitors.


Key Data Points

  1. 96% of benchmarked brands report Instacart is “important” or “very important” to their 3-year growth plans, hence the need for an active strategy to take advantage of the growth opportunities and defend against competition that is surely on the platform.
  2. A net 27% of brands are increasing Instacart Ads investments next year as a percentage of sales
  3. A net 6% report Instacart Ads performance coming in worse than expectations over the last quarter (in line with expectations for the large majority of brands). This slight negative lean is not causing a major pullback in spend as brands and agencies alike still report positive returns and Instacart remains an important platform for growth.
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