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Putting Instacart’s advertising business into broader context

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September 19, 2023   In Part 1, we compared Instacart’s growth to its eTail peers, and today we’ll be doing the same exercise for its advertising business.   Key takeaways: Advertising has grown from 20% of its business in 2020 to 29% currently Relatively small digital ad player at $740mm, but has grown faster (+24%) […]

Instacart’s S-1, broken down for brands

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September 18, 2023   Instacart’s plan to go public means there is a great deal of valuable new information available on its size, performance, and strategy that was previously unavailable.   Unfortunately, this information is sprinkled throughout a 399-page S-1 document filed with the SEC!   To spare you from having to wade through that […]

Stratably’s eTailer Index Analysis – 2023

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June 26, 2023   Given the boom in eCommerce during the pandemic and subsequent return to earth in 2022, retail leaders are finding it difficult to predict how much eCommerce will grow in the future and therefore what role it should play in their strategy.   Companies like Boxed that went public during the boom […]

Takeaways from Our Deep Dive on Retail Media Measurement

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April 19, 2023 Stratably hosted Skye Frontier from Incremental to dive into the challenge of retail media measurement, including common pitfalls. Watch The Recording Here12 reasons why retail media measurement is challengingIf your organization struggles to measure retail media performance with conviction, you’re not alone. It is incredibly difficult to do this well because of many factors, […]

Digital Growth Competition + Instacart, ChatGPT, & Marketplaces

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Topics Covered: March 6, 2023Comparing Amazon, Walmart, and Target through a digital lensInstacart grows 39% in ‘22Kroger comps +6.2% in 4QInstacart adding ChatGPT to appTarget comps 0.7% in 4QMichaels adds a marketplaceAnalyzing Digital Growth Across Amazon, Walmart & TargetNow that Amazon, Walmart, and Target have all reported their full year 2022 results, we analyzed how […]

Brand thoughts on Amazon in 4Q + Upper Funnel Importance & eGrocery

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Topics Covered: January 9, 2023Diving a layer deeper into Amazon’s growthFeeling behind? Top vs. Bottom of FunneleGrocery UpdatesA Layer Deeper: Analyzing Amazon’s projected growth in 4Q & 2023Amazon has historically been a growth machine, compounding its sales at an astonishing 24% each year over the last decade. 2023 is shaping up to be different. eCommerce leaders face the […]

The Omni-Enabler Calculus (Part 3)

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November 11, 2022   Should there be urgency for consumer brands when it comes to winning on omni-enablers?   Moving early means moving before something’s obvious. Once it’s obvious, your competitors will be there and you’re simply moving along with the market. The omni-enabler market and all the macroeconomic dynamics wrapped up in it makes […]

The Omni-Enabler Calculus (Part 2)

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November 9, 2022 Brands express three common reasons why they’re hesitant to invest more into omni-enablers.Expectation 1: eCommerce growth was temporaryThis critique is born out of confusion from early in the pandemic when analysts observed eCommerce penetration jumped four years ahead. Flash forward to 2Q21-1Q22 and eCommerce growth rates decelerated rapidly, and digital penetration stagnated. But stagnated doesn’t […]