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8 Reasons Why Your Shopper Marketing Team Might be Stressed

Article in Building Blocks

We have a big problem: CPG brands have underinvested in shopper marketing teams. These teams are charged with understanding the consumer and getting them to convert. Available options were previously constrained within the four physical walls of a retailer – endcaps, coupons, signage, discounts, and so on were the tools of the trade for influencing market […]

Stratably Interviews Todd Hassenfelt, eCommerce Director at Colgate-Palmolive

Article in Interviews

March 22, 20223 minute readHow CPG Organizations are Evolving with Digital In the latest Stratably Discussions session, I talk with Todd Hassenfelt, eCommerce Director, Growth Strategy and Planning at Colgate-Palmolive. Todd and I discuss how digital mediums have fundamentally altered the consumer’s path to purchase, upending how consumer brands have traditionally organized and how they evaluate marketing […]

Advertising is the New Algorithm

Article in Building Blocks

March 16, 20222 minute read Organic results are dying a slow death on Amazon. And if it’s happening on Amazon, you can bet it will happen at each of its rivals that have launched a retail media network.Ads are typically characterized as misleading and annoying.Of course the user doesn’t want TikTok to just show them branded hashtag […]

The Impact of Retail Media

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March 9, 20222 minute read Amazon’s ascent to $31 billion in advertising revenue has driven every retailer to launch a media network. It’s difficult to overstate the impact this will have on consumer brands.Organizations are transformed:Artificially constructed silos that pigeonhole teams into activating on only certain channels (e.g. social media or retail media) will be replaced with […]

Are retail media budgets at risk?

Article in Building Blocks

3 minute readRetail media has exploded. Back in 2018, the thought other retailers beyond Amazon could attract $1 billion plus in advertising spend from brands was considered stupid far-fetched. But since then, the graph has only been up to the right. Walmart has (slowly) developed its media offering, Instacart became a leader in the space, even […]

Amazon Breakdown (Part 4): Advertising

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2 minute readAs Amazon prepares to report its quarterly results later today, we’re breaking down its retail business segments in a multi-part series this week. We analyzed “Online Stores”  on Monday, “Third-Party Seller Services” on Tuesday, and “Physical Stores” yesterday. Today we examine Amazon’s “Other” segment, which primarily encompasses Amazon’s paid search, programmatic, and media advertising efforts […]

The Calculus Behind Brand Investment into Walmart Connect

Article in Briefings

5 minute readWalmart has made significant progress developing, arguably, the foremost omnichannel business in the world.  It will do an estimated $50 billion online this year. It has moved faster than ever in its history, it seems to “get it”. The company’s pick-up business, in particular, is resonating, and brands are not only supporting it, […]