February 17, 2022

6 minute read

Walmart's Investing into a Range of Digital Initiatives in 2022

30 Second Summary

Walmart delivered mid-single digit comps this quarter, driven by strength with in-store shopping, grocery share gains, and inventory management.

  • It has a positive outlook for the year ahead, believing it can achieve its long-term revenue growth goal of 4%.
  • It is looking to take advantage of the inflationary environment to enhance its reputation as the low-price leader, and it is seeing supply chain disruptions ease.
  • eCommerce grew 1% Y/Y in the quarter, decelerating like its peers over the last two quarters.
  • While there are several positive elements to its digital transformation (Connect is now $2 billion in revenue, marketplace SKUs approaching 2 million, its WFS service is expanding), brands suggest it has a long way to go in terms of ease of selling and advertising on its platform, and Amazon is only getting stronger.

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