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Walmart Battles Inflation, High Inventory & Stalled Digital Growth in Latest Quarter

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6 minute readSummary: Walmart April ’22-Quarter ResultsWalmart reported its April-ending quarterly results this AM, disappointing investors who sent shares down 10%+, wiping out $40 billion in value. Listen to conference call here.Why were the results disappointing?Walmart profitability struggled during the quarter due to temporary issues like overstaffing and a fire that destroyed a large eCommerce […]

No Boundaries, Instacart Resets, Financial Irresponsibility

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Topics Covered: March 28, 2022Technology has killed status-quo boundariesOnline grocery market updateInterview with Todd Hassenfelt, eCommerce Director, Colgate-PalmoliveAmazon TNFMore retail media disclosuresProduct content guidelines across retailersThe risk of remote work within eCommerce

The New Algorithm; Performance Marketing in CPG; $ vs. %

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Topics Covered: March 21, 2022Advertising is the New AlgorithmPerformance Marketing’s Impact on Retail MediaDollars vs. PercentagesCustomer Acquisition: Stores vs. SocialReplacing the Super BowlRetail media expands to non-endemicDive into Walmart.comInstacart & social commerceExcitement around Walmart DSPAmazon fulfillment center scale

Assessing the Digital Opportunity with Walmart

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March 17, 20222 minute read Russ Dieringer of Stratably joined Kiri Masters of Bobsled Marketing on her eCommerce Braintrust podcast to discuss Walmart.com in a two part series. Consumer brands are rooting for Walmart to succeed as it offers a way to diversify their digital sales from Amazon at a scale few peers are able to offer. […]

Retail Media Impact, CPG Options, Rapid Grocery Delivery Update

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Topics Covered: March 14, 2022Retail media transforming organizationsSelling CPG items is as easy and complex as everUpdate on rapid grocery deliveryAmazon enters live audioWalmart+ expandseCommerce leader responsibilitiesOmni-enabler diversificationSocial commerce resource

Easy and Complex, All at Once!

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March 8, 20222 minute readA Variety of eGrocery Models are Challenging AmazonConsumer packaged goods (CPG) products are difficult to sell online. The costs of shipping simply overwhelm sub-$10 products. This problem became so common, Amazon gave it a special acronym: CRAP! Products that Cannot Realize a Profit are delisted from the site, hurting sales for both Amazon […]

Walmart’s Marketplace Creates New Dimension to Negotiate for Brands

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March 2, 20225 minute readTLDR: Walmart has become the second most important marketplace to sell on behind Amazon as the company has loosened its restrictions and enabled fulfillment through WFS. The resulting growth is creating some of the same challenges 1P brands faced at Amazon, heightening the value of direct relationships with Walmart merchants. Monitoring […]