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Walmart Battles Inflation, High Inventory & Stalled Digital Growth in Latest Quarter

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6 minute readSummary: Walmart April ’22-Quarter ResultsWalmart reported its April-ending quarterly results this AM, disappointing investors who sent shares down 10%+, wiping out $40 billion in value. Listen to conference call here.Why were the results disappointing?Walmart profitability struggled during the quarter due to temporary issues like overstaffing and a fire that destroyed a large eCommerce […]

Target: Thoughts, Stats & Notes from 4Q21

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March 1, 20225 minute readTarget’s Leadership in Store-Based Fulfillment is Driving Outsized Digital Growth30 Second SummaryTarget delivered impressive results for the fourth quarter and raised its long-term revenue growth target from low single digits to mid-single digits. The company emphasized its store-based fulfillment model as critical to its digital success, driving average per unit fulfillment […]

Digital Penetration is Not a Vision

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February 23, 20225 minute readConsumer Brands Need a More Robust Digital NarrativeConsumer brands are starting to disclose more digital metrics in response to growing interest from shareholders that want to understand their digital strategies and performance. Most commonly, these consumer brands share their current digital penetration – digital sales divided by total sales – and how […]

Walmart: Thoughts, Stats & Notes from 4Q21

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February 17, 20226 minute readWalmart’s Investing into a Range of Digital Initiatives in 202230 Second SummaryWalmart delivered mid-single digit comps this quarter, driven by strength with in-store shopping, grocery share gains, and inventory management.It has a positive outlook for the year ahead, believing it can achieve its long-term revenue growth goal of 4%.It is looking […]

Amazon Breakdown (Part 3): Physical Stores

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3 minute readAs Amazon prepares to report its quarterly results this Thursday, we’re breaking down its retail business segments in a multi-part series this week. We analyzed “Online Stores”  on Monday, “Third-Party Seller Services” yesterday, and today we turn our attention to Amazon’s “Physical Stores” segment, which encompasses Amazon’s physical retail footprint (Whole Foods, Amazon Fresh […]

Holiday Shopping Now Includes October

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2 minute readHistorically, Thanksgiving kicked off the Holiday shopping sprint, with consumers eagerly waiting in-line outside Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Macy’s and others for the thrill of scoring deeply discounted items. While eCommerce was steadily chipping away at this tradition for more than a decade, the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. Shopping inside stores was suddenly risky, […]

Mitigating Supply Chain Issues & Return to Normal Timing [unlocked]

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  TL/DR: Supply chain disruptions accelerated in 3Q21, surprising many executives, with expectations for a return to normal to come late in 2022 or beyond.  Mitigation strategies are coming in the form of SKU rationalization, moving production, expanding partners, reformulating product, raising prices, and leveraging airfreight.   How are brands mitigating supply chain issues? SKU […]

Unlocking $80 Billion at Walmart? [unlocked]

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Topics Covered: Analyzing Walmart through the lens of Saks and Macy’s omni-break-ups Marketing waste as a feature, not a bug Antitrust focused on major technological shifts Amazon charging more for livestreaming Mondelez a great case study for TikTok excellence CPG digital penetration reference point from P&G   Unlocking $80 Billion at Walmart? Saks eCommerce, now […]