March 18, 2024

Retail media is having a moment, and it’s an exciting time for digital leaders. As retail media networks (RMNs) continue to proliferate, this means more levers to access shoppers and drive sales.

But excitement meets overwhelm when the resources and budgets to support retail media are still limited.

Are we investing in the right RMNs? Are we missing out on the others? And how do we decide where to funnel our focus?

With these common questions in mind, Stratably and the Digital Shelf Institute conducted a unique research study that gets under the hood of brands’ retail media investment strategies, with a particular view on how product detail page (PDP) content quality plays a role in retail media investment decisions among Food & CPG brands.

Our deep dive report shares the key data points and overarching learnings from surveying 78 Food & Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands and conducting 12 interviews with eCommerce and marketing leaders inside those brands.

  1. The impact from eCommerce and retail media on the grocery market over the next five years
  2. Brands’ current investment levels into retail media networks
  3. The key factors driving brands’ retail media investment decisions
  4. How PDP content plays a role in retail media, including:
    • The impact of PDP quality on ROAS
    • The impact of PDP quality on audience quality
    • Common areas of improvement among grocer’s PDPs

Brands can use this research to more effectively allocate retail media dollars, drive cross-functional alignment, and partner with retailers on their PDP capabilities.

Retailers with aspiring retail media networks can use this research to bring urgency to their PDP enhancement efforts and better partner with brands to ultimately grow their media businesses.