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Takeaways from our Live Session on PDP Strategy

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April 25, 2023   Stratably hosted Lauren Livak from The Digital Shelf Institute to dive into different PDP content strategies for consumer brands struggling to maintain their portfolio of SKUs across many retail customers.   Watch The Recording Here Challenges are multi-faceted when it comes to PDP content Large consumer brands must manage broad portfolios […]

How to Use Media Data to Measure Digital Shelf Effectiveness – Recap

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February 23, 2023 Stratably hosted Amanda Wolff from OneSpace, an Ascential Company, to walk through the modern approach towards measuring digital shelf effectiveness. Watch the session hereNearly half of brands are hiring staff dedicated to PDP contentPDP content is a fluid aspect of doing business with retailers. New components to PDP pages along with the growing importance […]

Testing eCommerce Knowledge with ChatGPT

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December 12, 20223 minute read There’s been an explosion in interest around Generative AI with the release of ChatGPT. Headlines are stating it will replace Google Search, while others are quick to point out ChatGPT’s inaccuracies. In my experiments, the outputs are generally right, but not perfect. That inspired a challenge for today. How well do you know what factors […]

Amazon Marketing Cloud, 15 Minutes for GoLocal?, TikTok>Super Bowl

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Topics Covered: January 31, 2021Instacart expanding ad optionsAmazon Marketing Cloud explainedImportance of insider access on AmazonPragmatic choice with Walmart ConnectInvestors interested in Retail MediaWalmart’s GoLocal pitchAggregators interested in B&M expansionTikTok > Super Bowl?New tech for product content creationBear case on NFTs for brands

Retail Sales Analysis, PDP Challenges, & Quick Commerce Considerations

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Topics Covered: Macro still front and center in 2022 Managing product detail page content The difference between established and start up brands in quick commerce Instacart predictions for 2022 Rapid delivery models expanding beyond grocery Ford leverages TikTok for the first time Omni-enabler DoorDash expanding beyond food