November 9, 2022


Brands express three common reasons why they’re hesitant to invest more into omni-enablers.

Expectation 1: eCommerce growth was temporary

This critique is born out of confusion from early in the pandemic when analysts observed eCommerce penetration jumped four years ahead.


Flash forward to 2Q21-1Q22 and eCommerce growth rates decelerated rapidly, and digital penetration stagnated.


But stagnated doesn’t mean decline, it means stabilized. Stabilized penetration is remarkable considering the 100-400% Y/Y growth grocers experienced in their digital business during the first year of the pandemic, translating to a doubling in digital penetration rates compared to pre-pandemic.


The pandemic didn't catalyze lasting exponential digital growth, but it did introduce eGrocery to millions of U.S. consumers. While these consumers don’t use it for all their grocery shopping missions, many use it for a portion of their grocery needs.

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