August 8, 2022

4 minute read


Growth is strong with many (but not all) consumer brands actively building stronger retail media capabilities that support retailers across their business.

  • Criteo, one of the pioneers in the space powering dozens of retailers’ search ad offerings reported retail media growth of 42% in 2Q22, anticipating 45% growth for the full year.
  • When combined with Stratably’s forecasts for Amazon Ads to grow 24%, the market is healthy.

Nearly every major retailer at this point is participating in some way, launching a media offering that typically starts with search and then adds in programmatic capabilities as well.

  • But it's not easy like flipping on a light switch or issuing a press release.
  • There are meaningful investments needed in engineering, sales, and support. Scale must be there. Reporting must be reliable and demonstrate a great ROI.
  • Retail media is now a highly competitive area that retailers are looking to compete on as they seek consumer brands' ad budgets.

Is Amazon advertising at risk in this heightened competitive environment?

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