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Challenges and Solutions to Price Matching and 3P Sellers

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Imagine if a random company was allowed to go into every Walmart across the country and offer your same item in a plain brown package that had a water stain along with a dented corner at 20% off MSRP.   To rub salt in the wound, they got to place that item in front of […]

Digital Growth Competition + Instacart, ChatGPT, & Marketplaces

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Topics Covered: March 6, 2023Comparing Amazon, Walmart, and Target through a digital lensInstacart grows 39% in ‘22Kroger comps +6.2% in 4QInstacart adding ChatGPT to appTarget comps 0.7% in 4QMichaels adds a marketplaceAnalyzing Digital Growth Across Amazon, Walmart & TargetNow that Amazon, Walmart, and Target have all reported their full year 2022 results, we analyzed how […]

Analyzing Shopify's 3Q22 Results

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October 31, 2022 Shopify provided a lens into the health of the eCommerce market when it reported its third quarter results last week. It’s a great way for leaders inside large consumer and retail brands to understand the state of DTC and SMB retail, complementing the insight learned from Amazon’s results published last week. Big picture, the results […]

Walmart’s Marketplace Creates New Dimension to Negotiate for Brands

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March 2, 20225 minute readTLDR: Walmart has become the second most important marketplace to sell on behind Amazon as the company has loosened its restrictions and enabled fulfillment through WFS. The resulting growth is creating some of the same challenges 1P brands faced at Amazon, heightening the value of direct relationships with Walmart merchants. Monitoring […]

Amazon Breakdown (Part 2): 3P Seller Services

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2 minute readAs Amazon prepares to report its quarterly results this Thursday, we’re breaking down its retail business segments in a multi-part series this week. Yesterday we analyzed “Online Stores” and today we’ll analyze “Third-Party Seller Services”, which encompasses the commissions and FBA fees associated with its third-party marketplace.

Amazon Update: 3Q21 Shows Signs of Slowdown

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3Q21 Performance & Market Update Amazon’s retail business slowed during the quarter, in-line with the broader digital market. It’s commentary suggests labor issues are the primary challenge it faced this quarter and will continue to battle in 4Q as it looks to meet holiday demand.Should Amazon National Account Managers be worried? Not necessarily. We’ve seen […]

Amazon Update on Operations for 2Q21

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The following report covers a number of recurring themes in Stratably’s Amazon research over the last three months, including developments around supply chain, price increases, and marketplace dynamics.   Key Takeaways: Supply chain issues persist for many manufacturers resulting in extended lead times for purchase order intake, direct import delays, and pull-forward on timing for key […]