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Insights on eCommerce, Consumer, Amazon and ATT from Shopify’s 4Q22 Results

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February 16, 2023 Shopify will power more than $200B in gross merchandise volume on its site this year, making it the largest and most direct read we have on the health of the direct-to-consumer market.We analyzed its 4Q22 results from last night to see what we could learn about…eCommerce healthConsumer demand and outlookShopify’s response to Buy […]

Analyzing Shopify's 3Q22 Results

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October 31, 2022 Shopify provided a lens into the health of the eCommerce market when it reported its third quarter results last week. It’s a great way for leaders inside large consumer and retail brands to understand the state of DTC and SMB retail, complementing the insight learned from Amazon’s results published last week. Big picture, the results […]

Shopify Throws in the Towel on Accelerating eCommerce Growth

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4 minute readTL;DRInflation’s impact on discretionary purchases + return to stores drove decelerating performance this quarter (similar to last)Vertical integration of logistics is its biggest strategic bet ($1 billion on Shopify fulfillment network + Deliverr acquisition)Apple’s privacy initiatives and corresponding challenge for merchants to efficiently acquire customers was largely not discussedShopify appears to be saying […]

Checking the Consumer Pulse

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9 minute readConsumer Demand ChangingLast week I wrote about surviving the eCommerce Winter, otherwise known as this time we’re in where digital growth has stalled and growth investors have shunned anything remotely positioning itself as “we’ll-make-money-once-at-scale”. Instead of “winter”, this past week could have been described as a retail bloodbath.

Analyzing Shopify’s March ’22 Results

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7 minute readExpectations ResetDespite the May weather, we’re entering a bit of an eCommerce winter, supported by Shopify’s results last week in which its GMV grew 16% (vs. 32% in the prior quarter and 114% in the March-2021 quarter). Shopify, acknowledging the slowdown in eCommerce spending (tough comps, increasing consumer mobility), focused much of its commentary […]