December 15, 2022


Leaders that have been reading Stratably for the last 12 months know that Amazon Marketing Cloud, Attribution, and Stream rank highly as tools that are under-adopted. (Read more here/here/here/here/here)

In short, these tools combine to form a much deeper understanding of the value of advertising, which in turn drives strategic and tactical changes.


In a recent podcast, I predicted adoption would rise significantly in ’23 because of the strength of these tools.


Since then, I’ve gotten some push back. Some argue the insights from these tools are limited, Stratably’s own benchmark results suggest companies (on average) aren’t finding the insights super-useful, and many agencies aren’t able to tap into the tools in a meaningful way.


The following essay provides some context to the prediction around why (1) these tools are important and (2) why wider adoption is coming sooner (i.e., don’t wait).

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