September 5, 2023


We know retail media is a critical component for brands looking to efficiently acquire customers and win on the digital shelf.


You've seen our work outlining the growth in retail media, best ad formats, and even how brands measure performance.


But have you ever wondered how successful brands actually "do" retail media?


We did too—and that's why we conducted a unique study with The Digital Shelf Institute focused on the nuts and bolts of how brands organize around retail media.


Unlike other studies, our research dives deep into the operational aspects that drive retail media success:

  1. Leadership: Is it the CMO, a dedicated team, or a cross-functional effort?
  2. Team Dynamics: How many people are typically on a retail media team and what about hiring plans?
  3. Internal Collaboration: Which departments are involved, and how do they coordinate for maximum impact?
  4. Budget Sourcing: Where does the money come from to fund retail media?
  5. Flexibility: How often should brands be adjusting their retail media budgets?


The comprehensive study included a benchmark of 52 leading consumer brands along with interviews of leading retail media, marketing, and eCommerce practitioners.


Download the full report for insight on how others are tackling the unique challenge of blurred roles and responsibilities that retail media has created.


Download the Full Report