February 27, 2024 @ 2pm EST


Brands that can incorporate Luminate and Walmart Connect investments into their Walmart P&L are best positioned to win in 2024 and over the long term.


Rather than running counter to EDLP, these capabilities provide brands an opportunity to grow their Walmart business faster and profitably, both online and in-store.


Join Russ Dieringer as he welcomes back guest presenter Mark Stamps from Harvest Group for a deep dive into the changing nature of Walmart.


The session will include:

  1. What's changing at Luminate and Walmart Connect
  2. How to evaluate these investments in the context of EDLP and JBPs
  3. How to communicate the opportunity available from Walmart's omnichannel push


Be prepared - The discussion will challenge brands' conventional approaches to evaluating these investments!


This session is designed for those responsible for their Walmart business, retail media professionals more broadly, and for financial professionals inside brands that want to improve their holistic evaluation of these omnichannel capabilities.