March 13, 2024 @ 2pm EST


Sophisticated usage of Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) remains a powerful but rare capability.


Join Claire McBride from Stratably and our guest presenter Sreenath Reddy of Intentwise for a deep dive session covering advanced applications and upcoming enhancements to AMC, including:

  • First-Party Data Utilization: How to effectively upload and utilize first-party data within AMC. We will discuss the specific requirements, limitations, and the crucial aspects of data security within AMC's environment.
  • Seamless Integration Strategies: Insights into integrating AMC with Search and DSP ads platforms, including the capability to run AMC queries directly from the Ads Console.
  • Custom Dataset Implementation: Strategies for pushing more custom datasets into AMC, such as custom tables for sub-brands and campaign groupings. This segment will cover the importance of tailoring AMC outputs to mirror internal business analytics, providing practical steps for executing this alignment.


The webinar will focus on practical use cases including sophisticated strategies for leveraging AMC Insights and Audiences.


It is designed for brand professionals with intermediate-plus knowledge of AMC that want to stay on the cutting edge.