August 7, 2023


eTailers gained share of the total U.S. retail market in 2Q23, for the fifth straight quarter.


According to Stratably’s Index, eTailers grew 12.8%, an acceleration from the prior quarter of 12%, and about 3-4x faster than the market as a whole.


We analyzed the recent results from companies comprising the Index to understand:

  1. Overall market performance
  2. Business model trends
  3. Company trends


The report saves you hours going through the results yourself, while giving you a deeper understanding of how the eCommerce market is performing and the winners and losers within it. You’ll have a clear picture of the three elements above within three minutes, and it will help you contextualize Amazon’s strong growth relative to the market as a whole.


Importantly, use this understanding to inform your own strategy as we get deeper into the second half of ’23 and start planning for ‘24.


Note: Be sure to read the original eTailer Index introduction if you haven’t already done so. It provides the base level understanding of how the index was constructed and why it is highly relevant to eCommerce leaders. The short version is the Index comprises 14 publically traded eTailers across marketplace, omni-enabler and DTC models, which combined, represent over $776 billion in GMV in the US market annually.

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