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Shopify Throws in the Towel on Accelerating eCommerce Growth

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4 minute readTL;DRInflation’s impact on discretionary purchases + return to stores drove decelerating performance this quarter (similar to last)Vertical integration of logistics is its biggest strategic bet ($1 billion on Shopify fulfillment network + Deliverr acquisition)Apple’s privacy initiatives and corresponding challenge for merchants to efficiently acquire customers was largely not discussedShopify appears to be saying […]

Analyzing Shopify’s March ’22 Results

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7 minute readExpectations ResetDespite the May weather, we’re entering a bit of an eCommerce winter, supported by Shopify’s results last week in which its GMV grew 16% (vs. 32% in the prior quarter and 114% in the March-2021 quarter). Shopify, acknowledging the slowdown in eCommerce spending (tough comps, increasing consumer mobility), focused much of its commentary […]

Amazon vs Shopify; Ads all the Way Down

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Topics Covered: April 25, 2022“Buy with Prime” vs. Deliverr3-Step framework for retail media growthAds all the way down: Netflix, Microsoft, SonyP&G on inflationOmnicom on privacyMore stats on drone delivery

“Buy with Prime” vs. Shopify & Deliverr

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Understanding how “Buy with Prime” and Shopify’s Interest in Deliverr are LinkedThere were two, very related developments that happened last week:Amazon launched “Buy with Prime”: In summary, a DTC site can place a widget on their checkout that allows the consumer to use their Amazon credentials to check out and then the brand uses Amazon […]

Walmart, Amazon & Shopify Magic Wands

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Topics Covered: February 21, 2022Magic wandsReversion to the meanStratably’s WorkPatrick Miller on Amazon AdvertisingAmazon’s 50x leadShopify’s 4Q22 ReviewWalmart’s 4Q22 ReviewWalmart DSP running with 20Only dozens of new Amazon Fresh storesDigital is top priority at Ahold DelhaizeSupply chain innovationPodcast ad infrastructure30-minute delivery speed

Amazon’s Supply Chain Dominance

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February 17, 20223 minute readShopify’s New Supply Chain Strategy Lags AmazonDigital commerce leaders know more about supply chain than ever before because of the last two years of pandemic disruptions. Amazon, of course, has always known this, speedily shipping its owned inventory through its network, creating its FBA service to enable sellers to reach consumers in […]

Shopify Forecasts Growing eCommerce Penetration

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February 16, 20225 minute readShopify Sees Bright Future Ahead30 Second SummaryShopify (a proxy for the DTC market and, more broadly, how retail is evolving) reported fourth-quarter results, growing GMV by 32%, down slightly from the trend in the prior two quarters. The company’s outlook includes optimism that consumer behavior has permanently changed, helping drive digital […]