August 1, 2022

4 minute read


Five years ago, heads of eCommerce were largely concerned with “retail” things like assortment, product detail page content, and negotiating co-op with a determined vendor manager.


Those things all still really matter. But there’s more now.  


The explosion in retail media has made digital advertising an important component to driving visibility AND simply doing business with your largest retail customers.


Core questions like how should retail media fit into our broader marketing mix exist.


For an eCommerce professional like you to answer that question, it’s not enough to simply study retail media. Rather, you must understand how the broader digital advertising market is shifting.


Fortunately, this past week was heavy on new datapoints illustrating core themes like advertisers pulling back (in some cases!), privacy-related issues impacting social, and the steady growth of Amazon Advertising.


The following six charts and commentary will give you a quick primer on this past quarter’s performance, and more importantly, how digital ad spend is expected to trend from here.

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