July 19, 2023


Stratably hosted Kiri Masters from Acadia to walk through best-in-class content examples on Amazon, along with why it’s important to invest in this area of your Amazon business.


Key topics included:

  1. What is product & brand content on Amazon?
  2. Why is it important to invest?
  3. Why is ROI of content changes difficult to measure?
  4. What are creative ideas for product content on Amazon?
  5. How to advocate for funding/resources?


Watch The Recording Here

Here’s what we found most interesting:

  1. Underinvestment in content: Acadia’s polling indicates 80%+ of brands feel they are under-invested in content today. The vast majority of these brands indicate they struggle to get funding because of the challenges proving ROI given there are often multiple factors running in parallel that impact performance beyond a content change (e.g., advertising spend is fluctuating, seasonality, price changes, inventory out of stocks, etc.). While measuring retail media spend continues to improve, retailers have not provided the same tools to measure content changes, keeping brands from investing greater amounts.
  2. Walk the store: A simple but often overlooked aspect of running a successful Amazon business is to “walk the store” for one’s brand or category. Pull screen shots of what competitors are doing with their PDPs, storefronts and so on. Track a few competitors to see how often they’re updating their PDPs or brand stores to get a sense for what’s possible and how your brand’s capabilities and execution stack up.
  3. Content innovations: Amazon has steadily rolled out new content capabilities each year, from Live to Posts to Brand Story modules and so on. These content options are going to continue to expand each year (at Amazon and its rivals) which will create opportunities for brands that can test and learn quickly what’s working and what’s not.
  4. Premium A+: Murad was cited as best in class with Premium A+ content as it is taking advantage of the ability to make premium A+ highly customizable and aligned with the brand (think brand typeface and educational carousel models for example).
  5. Storefronts: Manscaped was highlighted for its best in class storefront that maintains the brand’s tone, overall aesthetic, and use of high profile influencers.
  6. Content refreshes: An example from Crocs was shared of the brand updating its content several times within the month of July as it focused on back-to-school shoppers for the first two weeks, then on available discounts during Prime Day, and then returning to a back-to-school shopper focus shortly after. While not all products will require this frequent of change, more than one-third of brands are updating their content only annually or even less frequently.
  7. Brand Story: Kate Somerville was highlighted as best in class as they demonstrate a range of products and their commitment to manufacturing cruelty free products.
  8. Above the Fold: Voss was highlighted as best in class for its title composition, bullet point formatting and language, along with infographic and lifestyle images.


Visit here if you’d like a copy of the presentation.


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