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Benchmarking Insights to Inform your Pricing Strategy with Amazon

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February 6, 2024 In part 1 of our AVN series yesterday, we learned that Amazon tends to be more profitable than conventional wisdom suggests. Putting price increases through has been an important lever to make that happen over the last several years. For instance, of the 32% of brands that grew their Amazon margins over […]

Myth-Busting Data on Brands’ Profit Margins with Amazon

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February 5, 2024 We all know how the economics work on Amazon: “You can’t make money shipping products on Amazon” “They’ll just keep asking for more money every year” “It’s a drain on our resources” “Amazon is a money pit” … Right? These narratives get especially loud during AVN season when Amazon typically is asking […]

Takeaways from our Live Session on Amazon’s 4Q23 Results for Retail Leaders

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Stratably went live today to delve deep into Amazon’s 4th Quarter 2023 earnings report, helping retail leaders understand the implications for Amazon, the broader retail market, and the eCommerce industry as a whole. This session complemented our written recap (linked below) published yesterday evening after Amazon reported its results. Key topics from the session: How […]