July 26, 2023 @ 2pm EST


If you advertise on other channels, you should be utilizing the power of Amazon’s display and video ads.


Join Russ Dieringer and guest presenter Joe Shelerud as they discuss why Amazon’s first-party data, inventory and supply sources, and custom creatives are just some of the ways Amazon’s DSP is superior to the rest.


Attendees will learn that whether you sell on Amazon or another ecommerce site, they can harness the power of Amazon’s DSP to build a sustainable, successful strategy by targeting their ideal customers with the most relevant information.


This session is designed for intermediate to advanced eCommerce practioners that have experience with Amazon advertising or simply want to learn more about what’s possible.


Presenter: Joe Shelerud, Co-Founder & CEO, Ad Advance


All Signal, No Noise Format

  • 20 minutes of prepared remarks
  • 20 minutes of Q&A


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Ad Advance is a digital advertising agency specializing in Amazon Sponsored, Display and Video ads. Our hybrid agency model combines the advantages of hands-on management with the efficiency and capabilities of our sophisticated proprietary software – making sense of volumes of data with our technology and expertise.