June 21, 2023 @ 2pm EST


Amazon sellers have outgrown their 1P peers by nearly two to one over the last five years.




Their expanded assortment and nimble strategies focused on influencing the Amazon algorithm have led to consistent outperformance.


Russ Dieringer will be joined by expert seller Brock Gettemeier to unpack three unique ways 3P sellers are using Amazon Advertising to influence the algorithm, including:

  1. How sellers maximize Prime Day without margin-deflating huge discounts and promotions
  2. How sellers influence increasingly valuable organic ranking through placement multipliers and Stream data
  3. Why brands likely need to relaunch their Sponsored Brand Video ads to align with new site placement


This session will ultimately leave both 1P brands and 3P sellers with specific insights on how to improve their advertising efforts.


It is designed for intermediate to advanced eCommerce practitioners that have experience with Amazon.


Presenter: Brock Gettemeier, Vice President and General Manager, Sellozo, a Netrush Company


All Signal, No Noise Format

  • 20 minutes of prepared remarks
  • 20+ minutes of Q&A