February 8, 2023 @ 2pm EST


Commercial agreements between consumer brands and Walmart and Target are evolving as off-site display opportunities powered by these two giants expand.


For instance, Walmart & Target are including off-site display media spend as part of JBPs when supplier partners use these retailers' shopper data and custom connections for programmatic activations.


This merging of media and commercial goals is muddying the waters for brands as they try to properly allocate customer trade funds and brand budgets. Further, it's also challenging the tight grip traditional media agencies have had on brand budgets.


Join Russ Dieringer and Mark Stamps as they unpack this growing change in how brands do business with these two retailers.


This session is designed for intermediate to advanced eCommerce practioners in addition to sales leads managing their brands’ business with Walmart or Target, brand marketers, shopper marketers, and digital advertising teammates.


Attendees will leave with a clear sense of how off-site display media investment impacts JBP agreements, along with insights from Mark on the adoption of programmatic activations powered by these retailers and potential pitfalls to avoid.


Presenters: Mark Stamps, Vice President of Digital Commerce, Harvest Group


All Signal, No Noise Format

  • 20 minutes of prepared remarks
  • 10 minutes of Q&A