February 23, 2023 @ 2pm EST


Measuring content effectiveness is notoriously difficult.


Competitive behaviors, advertising and promotions in the category, inventory and out of stocks, and other variables out of your control like ASP make it challenging to isolate the impact of optimized product detail page content.


However, the data available from advertising campaigns provides a rich source for measuring the success of content optimization efforts.


In this session, PDP veteran expert Amanda Wolff will join Russ Dieringer to connect the dots between ad campaigns and PDP insights, leaving attendees with actionable insights for their own content.


This session is designed for intermediate to advanced eCommerce practitioners that have familiarity with product detail page development.


Presenter: Amanda Wolff, Chief Marketing Officer, OneSpace

All Signal, No Noise Format

  • 20 minutes of prepared remarks
  • 10 minutes of Q&A


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