The Rise of 30 Minute or Less Delivery and its Impact on Grocery & Convenience Channels:

Placing an order at 2:06pm and receiving it at 2:20pm is no longer reserved for science fiction. Companies like Gopuff, Gorillas, Instacart and increasingly major grocers like Kroger are either executing at this level of speed or moving towards it.  Tests are being done on how consumers value assortment versus the speed of deliver. New partnerships are forming between multi-sided technology platforms and incumbent grocers.  Consumer expectations are only getting higher and profit is proving elusive.


Are all of these models likely to survive? How are incumbents reacting? Should brands and retailers care about these new models?  This presentation helps shed light on these questions and in particular provides:

  1. An analysis of Gopuff’s strategic positioning and results from a proprietary study on the Gopuff consumer conducted by Numerator
  2. A review of the instant grocery market in NYC, competitors, and initial results
  3. A discussion of the strategic trade-offs grocers face in working with omni-enablers and how they are moving forward

Special thanks to the CMA and SIMA, along with Numerator contributing unique consumer data on Gopuff. 


Note, the video starts with a voiceover and then will begin playing after the introduction.