January 15, 2024


A core responsibility for digital leaders is to educate their organization on how the retail market is changing.


It’s especially important to educate senior leaders because they control the corporate vision, incentives, and resources that are needed to power omnichannel excellence.


But this is easier said than done.


All senior leaders are tight on time, and some might be resistant to digital transformation.


Plus, where does one start in terms of formulating an education plan and what components are necessary for success?


To help digital leaders with these challenges, we developed a report that illustrates what to do, including:

  • Why many digital leaders are faced with this challenge
  • The difficulties inherent to eCommerce education
  • Clear steps to create an effective education plan


The report will be particularly impactful for digital leaders that have seen their organization waver on committing to digital excellence. And while that might seem crazy to Stratably subscribers, we’ve personally had a half dozen conversations since the start of the year where digital leaders expressed similar sentiments.


The report is lengthy, but we hope you find it to be a thorough guide toward developing a strong education plan.


How to Educate Senior Leaders on eCommerce