February 1, 2023 @ 2pm ET


Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) can offer a wealth of insights relating to your Amazon customers.


One that is particularly interesting to dive into is lifetime value (LTV).


Join Russ Dieringer and Patrick Miller as they discuss ways to utilize AMC to break down LTV into cohorts like new-to-brand, brand loyalists, and Subscribe & Savers to better understand consumer purchasing behavior.


This session is designed for intermediate to advance eCommerce practioners that are interested in learning more about the possibilities available with AMC.


Speaker: Patrick Miller, Co-President Digital Commerce, Ascential (and former co-founder of Flywheel Digital)


All signal, no noise format:

  1. 20 minutes of prepared remarks
  2. 10 minutes of Q&A


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With over 1,000 years of collective eCommerce experience, Flywheel provides industry-leading technology and methodology to help the world’s most complex brands disproportionately win in digital commerce.

Want to learn more about this session?

Read our interview with Patrick where he elaborates on the “why” behind this session and what learnings he plans to unlock…


Why did you want to present on this topic? What makes it important to consumer brands?

Sponsored Products is the best ad unit the internet has ever invented, and Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is the best thing Amazon has done since Sponsored Products. In a privacy first manner it allows us to build custom insights for brands that help them understand the true long term value, both on and off Amazon, of their investments.


This session will help brands understand that value further and will help them get more out of AMC.


Why is AMC a game changer when it comes to understanding LTV?

Before AMC, brands relied on panel data or Amazon Brand Analytics. The former typically suffers from subpar coverage, while the latter only gives brands a quarter look back. Quite frankly, this is the first time brands have ever had these insights on Amazon.


What are common challenges that arise with calculating LTV?

Consumer brands have never had the ability to see a deterministic closed loop. AMC allows us to see insights to drive actions to help increase engagement with our most valuable customers.


What types of actions does having a clear understanding of LTV drive? 

Brands that understand the types of customers who are most valuable can craft media strategies to help similar customers discover their products.


What's one takeaway you want to be sure your attendees leave with?

Many brands think repeat purchases are only via Subscribe and Save (SNS). But Amazon is incredible at both driving repeat purchases and cross-sells within brands well beyond SNS.