February 21, 2024 @ 2pm EST


This independent review of Amazon's Buy with Prime program will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the program's pros and cons, allowing you to make informed decisions for your brand's eCommerce strategy.


The session will include the following topics:

  1. What is Buy with Prime?
  2. Why is this such a big deal for Amazon? For Brands?
    • Is this getting you closer to or further away from your consumers?
    • What data are you sharing with Amazon, what data do you get access to?
  3. How do you implement it? (technical needs, supply chain needs, typical time to market, etc.)
    • Ideas on selling this to internal skeptics?
    • Who is managing this inside brands?
  4. How does a brand usually get started?
  5. Is Amazon’s claim of 25% CR improvement realistic?


Join Stratably along with guest presenter Raj Sapru from Netrush to unpack these topics and leave you with a clear vision of the role Buy with Prime can play for your organization.


All Signal, No Noise Format

  • 25 minutes of prepared remarks
  • 20 minutes of Q&A