September 13, 2023 @ 2pm EST


How can I be a better eCommerce Leader for my organization?


That's a question we all ask regardless of where our company might be in its eCommerce journey.


Whether you're new to leading eCommerce, been in the role for years but are struggling to spark change, or driving a high-performing team, implementing an effective leadership framework can help align the organization, adapt to change and drive tremendous value creation.


Join Russ Dieringer and Raj Sapru, Head of Strategy for Netrush, to unpack an unassailable structure and strategy to move fast and get the buy-in you need on elements like:

  • Capabilities (teams, technology & infrastructure)
  • The right level of marketing investment
  • Aligning the organization
  • Finding savings and then influencing what happens to those savings
  • Prioritizing and communicating why


If done well, these combine to drive long-term value creation for the organization and set eCommerce Leaders up for leading entire companies. 


Attendees will learn about this complete management system and also have the opportunity to download a customizable toolkit so they can apply the framework to their specific business needs.