June 12, 2024 @ 2pm EST


There are multiple ways to allocate media budget across this dynamic retail landscape, each with their own pros and cons:

  • A percentage of past sales is simple, but backward-looking.
  • A spend commitment as part of a JBP may be great for the relationship, but that retailer may not have the best media game in town.


But even once you've determined where to spend your budget, you need to figure out what specific activations are best.


Join Russ Dieringer, Founder & CEO of Stratably as he welcomes Ross Walker, Retail Media Team Lead and Damiano Ciarrocchi, Sr. Retail Media Manager as they share an approach to allocating budget based on where it is treated best, including lucrative opportunities hidden within certain retailers, ad types and bidding strategies.


Key discussion topics include:

  • A modifiable framework to think about retail media allocation which can be shared with an executive audience.
  • A map of how various ad types are performing across retailers at different stages of the purchase journey.
  • A demonstration of how to determine unsung heroes versus overpriced media opportunities within your category.


The session is designed for retail media and digital marketing professionals responsible for allocating retail media budget.