November 28, 2023 @ 2pm EST


Supply chain is commonly thought of as a cost center.


A capability where retail leaders have a maniacal focus on ringing out the costs of shipping pallets to a store, something they’ve done for the last five decades.


But in eCommerce, supply chain can be a growth enabler.


In addition to efficiencies, it’s about investing in getting inventory closer to the consumer, in ways that help drive sales and enhance your brand.


Join Claire McBride and guest presenter Brian Birch, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Netrush, as they discuss 4 supply chain capabilities that can unlock eCommerce growth.


Learn how your supply chain can enable growth through:

  1. Out-of-Stock Protection: Channel-agnostic warehousing and agile transportation capabilities to serve your customer wherever, whenever, however they want to shop
  2. New assortment: Hard bundles and other eCommerce packs to give your customers just what they want at price and profitability levels that work for you
  3. Marketing and engagement: Inserts, samples, engagement tools, and more to grow customer lifetime value and loyalty
  4. Packaging: Amazon’s Ships in Product Packaging and other unique packaging capabilities that resonate with your customer and unlock savings to reinvest into growth


This session is designed for intermediate to advanced eCommerce practitioners, along with their supply chain colleagues.